Match Day 2022: How to find housing for your residency

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Match Day 2022: How to find housing for your residency


As a medical student, every day is important. The years-long grind is built of more, smaller grinds, and aspiring doctors have no choice but to work diligently the whole way through. Though every day is important, there are a few days throughout the med school journey that may stand out as being especially memorable. For one, the day that students find out that their med school dream is coming true after all (via an acceptance letter) certainly stands out. If you’re lucky, also finding out that some (or all!) of that schooling will be free is another. 

But our favorite super-important day in the life of a medical school student is just around the corner: Match Day. This medical school “holiday” is really the culmination of a week’s worth of waiting (and years worth of work before that,) as students find out if they matched for a residency on Monday — but not where they matched until Friday. 

A medical school residency program can change the direction of an aspiring doctor’s life, and — while an exciting step — it can also be a significant stressor. For some, the excitement of a fruitful Match Day can begin to fade when the logistics of packing up their life and potentially moving across the country come up. Honestly, even an across the city move can be stressful, so aspiring doctors need all the help they can get when mitigating post-Match-Day-anxiety.  

Enter: Common. We make finding an apartment in a new city easy — while also providing luxury amenities like fitness centers, on-site laundry, lounges, and furnished rooftops. Medical students basking in the afterglow of Match Day shouldn’t dread their search for a new apartment, so we’ve made the process as easy as possible. In the interest of making life easy (or, as easy as possible) for medical students, we’ve compiled a few tips for finding housing for your residency.

Know what to look for 

Sometime after you celebrate your successful Match Day — but before you begin your search for housing — figure out what it is you want and need in your residency digs. Since your schedule is pretty much guaranteed to be erratic and beyond-busy, a building or community with an abundance of amenities is sure to make your life about a million times easier (by our estimation.) While a rooftop with a pool or a state-of-the-art fitness center might not be a major draw if you’re not a sunbather or an aspiring #fitfluencer, these perks can be vital tools in self-preservation. The truth is: you know you better than anyone else, so make sure your residence housing amenities are up to snuff.

Keep your eyes out 

Match Day apartment hunting can be more of a marathon than a sprint. Our advice: as soon as you find out where the next step in your medical career will take you, start the hunt. But before you start opening up dozens of StreetEasy tabs, get to know your new neighborhood just like you did before leaving for medical school. Learn where the coffee shops are, research the best bars, and learn all you can about the nearby public transit — and your search will become much easier (and fun!). Once you’ve gotten to know the neighborhood, keep your eyes peeled for the perfect place to pop up. It might take time, but we promise it will!

Let Common do the work

While there are no shortcuts in medical school, there are ways to circumvent the tedious residency apartment hunt — like choosing Common. With homes in major and growing cities across the country and accommodations for renters like virtual tours and move-in ready units, Common means that shopping for your residency apartment doesn’t have to put a damper on your celebration. If you choose coliving, utilities and WiFi are included in your rent, meaning two fewer bills to keep track of. Whether you prefer a private room in a furnished apartment or a studio all to yourself, Common units are attainably priced and perfect for students (without feeling like student housing.)

This Match Day, save the housing stress and focus on the celebration! Common is excited to offer students looking for Match Day housing $100 off rent at select homes across the country. Head to our website to explore our network of residency-friendly housing and schedule a virtual tour of your new home.

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