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Choosing the right crystals for your apartment with The Lotus Den


Whether you’re looking for good luck, tranquility, or love, there’s a crystal for it. Picture this, you just moved into your new apartment, you’re new to a city, and you have a roommate that you barely know — is there a crystal for that? (Spoiler alert: there is!)

We spoke with Kellie, owner of The Lotus Den, a metaphysical and crystal shop located just a few blocks away from our latest Chicago home, Common McCormick. We learned more about the shop, what it’s like running a business in Chicago, and which crystals are the best for healthy relationships and new homes. 

Hi! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about The Lotus Den?

Hi! My name is Kellie Avery Woods, I’m from Chicago, and I have been in the world of metaphysical mysteries since 2007. I’m a Master Reiki practitioner and an intuitive reader. I assist many of my clients with finding their true life purpose through teaching an inner self-journey technique, along with sound bowl meditation.

The Lotus Den is a metaphysical spiritual shop located in Chicago! It’s a hub for those who are interested in finding out more about the mysteries of minerals from the earth and all the wonders of metaphysical tools. I  wanted to create a community where people can feel safe to learn more about themselves by using New Age tools. The Lotus Den sells everything from rocks and jewelry to journals and books. We also sell sage and items to clean your home with. 

What is your favorite part about running a business in Chicago? How has your business changed since opening?

Chicago is my native home and the people and vibe of this city are great. There are tons of crystal shops in Chicago, but I was able to assist a lot of people that were new to the metaphysical world. I was able to help brand and open more eyes to crystals. 

The Lotus Den had an interesting start, it brought ethnicities into the picture. A lot of people in my ethnic group and my community didn’t know about metaphysics and rocks and the energy that they possess, so when I opened the shop, and people found out — they had a lot of questions. I explained how powerful the elements are. Since it isn’t a norm in society to dabble in this, I did a lot of research and shared as much knowledge as I could with people, and it has been wonderful to do. 

The Lotus Den has changed a lot since we opened in 2018. At first, no one knew who I was and we had an empty store with just one sales associate. We typically had only one transaction a day. Now, we have a full staff of team members, a website that we’re actively working on, and a lot of transactions throughout the day. The word has gotten out about The Lotus Den and now people in our community know about the store, want to learn more, and they bring in more people!

What are the most popular crystals in your shop and what are they for?

I have around 90 to 100 different minerals in my store, and Amethyst is a high-selling stone. It brings peace, patience, and calming meditation. Clear quartz is also popular, it’s good for immunity, the mind, and clarity. People love Citrine since it brings wealth and abundance. 

What are some ways crystals have positively impacted your life? 

Having a store has impacted me a lot, but my story goes back to 2007. I had a lady walk up to me and give me a crystal off of her neck and that was the first time I had learned about crystals. I started researching crystals and the properties behind them — and then I started to see changes in my life. I did the extra work of setting intentions and I started seeing positive changes in my health, career, and relationships. It has really been life-changing. 

What advice would you give someone who is becoming interested in crystals? 

It’s important to start with a starter kit and start small when you’re purchasing crystals — buy one or two that you can amplify and work with, then work your way up. Amethyst is perfect to start with — it brings calmness and clarity. It’s also important to know that crystals come in a variety of energies, high energy stones and low vibrational stones, so do your research! 

What crystals do you recommend for healthy relationships and new homes?

Selenite brings about peace in the home and longevity, it also brings calmness and stillness with people living in the home. Amethyst is a peaceful stone that is also great to have in a home. Smoky Quartz grounds energy, so if you are a calm person and your roommate is more hyper, the quartz will even out the energy and it will allow the home to be stable and still. Cellisite is a blue stone that is calming and brings peace into the home. Rhodonite is good for love and relationship building, connecting, and creating. Rose Quartz is good for self-love, attracting new love, sustaining love, great for the heart chakra.  

What are some good crystals to give someone as a housewarming gift? 

First, you should ask yourself how well you know this person and what you think they need in their life. If someone moves to a new city and is looking to let go of baggage, Labradorite is the perfect choice. It helps you stay grounded and stabilized in a space. Selenite, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz bring understanding and peace — so these are good housewarming gifts, too.  

Thanks Kellie! Interested in starting your crystal journey or adding to your collection? The Lotus Den is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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