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How to move with Common


Where are you on your apartment search? Are you just starting to browse listing sites, or are you in a time crunch to find the perfect new home? Wherever you are in your hunt, it’s never too late to learn about Common.

Common is a global residential manager making city living easier for renters through the thoughtful use of technology and design. We operate thousands of units in cities across the country and offer our members a wide range of options to fit their lifestyle, budget, and needs. But how do we work? We’ve broken down the process of finding and moving into a Common home below.

Finding the right apartment for you

We’re able to begin touring units six weeks before they become available, so we recommend starting your search with Common no earlier than then. 

Browse our open homes

Head to our website to browse homes by city and neighborhood. Simply head to the left hand menu and select where you’re looking to move. Each home has its own dedicated landing page, where you’ll learn more about the unit types you can rent, the amenities, and the surrounding area. These pages also include the starting price and any concessions.

Book a tour

If you find a home you’d like to tour, you can book a tour directly on the home’s landing page by providing your information in the top right-hand form. After providing your information, you’ll be prompted to answer a few easy questions and select a time and date to see the space. If you’re unable to book a tour, it’s likely that there are none available over the next two weeks. You can select another home or try again later.

If you’d like our help in finding you the ideal apartment, you can start at our homepage. Simply select your city on the right hand menu and answer a few questions. We’ll match you to available units in your area that meet your needs!

Tour in person or virtually

You’ll receive an email from our leasing team with details about your tour. Please reply to this email to confirm. At your tour, you’ll be able to see the unit you’re applying to and any additional amenities, like a rooftop deck, fitness center, or coworking space. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you have about Common, the home, or what’s included in your rent. If you’re touring virtually, don’t forget to ask for floor plans after your tour so you can make sure the space fits your furniture and other essential items.

The application process

If you’re interested in applying for the apartment or room you toured, your leasing specialist will email you with a link to our online application. The application process at Common is 100% digital, and takes at most a week to complete.


To qualify for a lease at Common, renters should make 35x the monthly rent annually, and have a credit score of around 650. That means that if an apartment is $1,000/month, you should have an annual income of $35,000/year. 

If you don’t meet these requirements, you can co-sign your lease with a guarantor. Common also accepts Section 8 housing vouchers. 


In order to take your unit off the market, we require a $300 deposit with your application. A small portion of this will go towards your background and credit check, and the rest will be applied to your second month’s rent if your application is accepted. If your application isn’t accepted, we will refund that portion of your deposit. 

P.S: When it comes to fees, Common doesn’t require a security deposit. Instead we’ve partnered with security deposit replacement companies like Obligo to keep more cash in your pocket. You’ll pay as little as $9.90/month and will be billed directly for any damages at the end of your lease. 

Background and credit check

Common conducts background and credit checks on all of our applicants. Don’t worry: we pull a soft credit check, so it won’t affect your overall credit score.

We’ll let you know via email once you’ve been approved. After you’ve been approved, you’ll be required to sign up for renter’s insurance. You can do this through Common’s preferred partner, Sure, or submit your proof of insurance with another agency. 

Moving in

A few days before your move, you’ll receive an email from Common’s member experience team with instructions for moving into your new home. Some homes require physical keys, which you’ll have to pick up either on site, or make an appointment to retrieve. If your home is accessible digitally, through an app like Latch, you’ll receive instructions on which apps to download and how to use them.

Get connected on the Connect by App

Once you’ve moved in, we recommend downloading the Connect by Common app. Our one-of-a-kind app is your go-to for discovering Common’s community, gaining access to exclusive discounts to local and national brands, submitting maintenance requests, and RSVPing to the host of events we curate for members across your city. On your first day, head into your home’s chat and introduce yourself! It’s a great way to meet your new community. 

Get started!

Now that you know what you can expect, you can confidently explore our network of homes in cities across the country. If you have any further questions about the leasing process or living at Common, you can always connect with us at admissions@common.com Happy apartment hunting!


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