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Our favorite places in Harlem for remote work


If you could work from anywhere, where would you set up shop? We wouldn’t scoff at a mobile office setup on the white sand beaches of Aruba, nor would we turn our nose up at the chance to plug away from a café on the Left Bank of Paris — but that’s just us. With more and more of the country embracing remote work, however, many remote workers are opting to take their mobile office to the cross-section of America: New York City

Though New York may lack white sand beaches, it more than makes up for it in quaint coffee shops and productivity-improving parks. With its dense population of students, the Harlem neighborhood is especially perfect for remote work — you just have to know where to go. 

Below, the team at Common takes you on a tour of our favorite Harlem spots for channeling creativity, boosting productivity, and making the most out of your remote work situation.

The Chipped Cup

Members of our Hamilton Heights home, Common Hamilton: this one’s for you. When you want to take your remote work flow to the next level, pack up your workstation and head to The Chipped Cup. In addition to a standard menu of productivity-fueling coffee drinks, The Chipped Cup’s “victuals” menu comprises toasts for every taste and lighter fare for late afternoon pick-me-ups. This spot’s real draw for remote work comes from its multiple workspaces — one below-street bunker for when you need to be fully wired in, and an outdoor oasis for when you’re feeling like less of a “remote worker” and more like a “digital nomad.” 

Why we love it: Petrol-potent coffee meets accommodating remote work spaces — that feel remote themselves. 

Central Park

Sometimes you want to get out of New York — but when your 9-to-5 gets in the way, you have to compromise. If your current remote work setup lacks inspiration, then we know just the place to take your workflow. A short train ride from Common Hamilton and a short walk from The Heritage by Common, the north end of Central Park is what remote work dreams are made of. Whether you’re taking calls, responding to emails, or putting out fires, Central Park can offer a fresh breath of air that is likely missing from your usual four walls. While this setup isn’t for every type of remote work (and doesn’t accommodate more than a laptop), it’s perfect for when you need to shake up your routine and give yourself a reminder of why New York is your remote work destination of choice. 

Why we love it: Fresh air and vitamin D can boost creativity and focus, and the park’s free WiFi keeps you connected (when you want to be.) 

Dear Mama Coffee

We have been singing Dear Mama Coffee’s praises for years now, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With two locations offering differing work-from-wherever vibes, you can take your pick of atmosphere: A swinging East Harlem coffee house just a few blocks from The Heritage by Common, or a spacious, sun-soaked shop just a short jaunt from Common Hamilton. With remote work spaces so accommodating that you forget you’re still in a coffee shop, the fact that Dear Mama has some of the best coffee shop fare in the City might evade you — but you’d be remiss not to reward yourself for a job well-done with one of Dear Mama’s chunky chocolate chip cookies. 

Why we love it: Chain-like choice of location and thoughtful food menus make Dear Mama stand out. Oh, and cookies!  


Designed with remote work in mind, our Harlem rentals Common Hamilton and The Heritage by Common are some of the best spots for remote work in the neighborhood — and maybe even in the borough! Members of Common Hamilton can report for duty from their private bedroom, the building’s cozy lounge, or soak up the sun or the spacious outdoor terrace; and The Heritage by Common members have their pick from any number of the building’s remote work destinations. When you need a change of scenery, however, all of our other favorite Harlem spots are well within reach. If a change of scenery isn’t enough, our flexible leases allow members to explore new neighborhoods via our nationwide network of homes. 

Why we love it: Common was designed with remote work in mind, and private bedrooms in friendly homes mean members are empowered to be their best. Put the home in work-from-home with Common. 

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