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Packing and moving tips from Clutter Moving & Storage


There’s nothing like getting that fateful email or phone call that you’ve been approved for a new apartment. Maybe you’re moving to a bigger space, finally living on your own, or looking forward to waking up every day in the heart of your favorite neighborhood. A fresh start with a new home is always exciting, but the moving process itself is a whole other story. 

Like doing our taxes, most of us kind of just wing it the first time we move. How hard can it be to put things in boxes? A few shattered plates and one 2 am breakdown later, it turns out that it can be pretty hard. Luckily, Clutter Moving & Storage has moving down to a science (and an art, if you’ve ever seen them pack a box). As the number one rated moving company in NYC, they’re more than qualified to share their best tips for making your next move your best yet. 

Clutter Moving & Storage’s Moving Tips

Planning is the key to any stress-free moving experience. Picking up moving supplies early, and setting up a separate space to pack in will keep you at ease during this process.

To ensure a seamless unpacking process, always have a Sharpie on hand to label each box with item descriptions and the room it belongs in. Don’t mix items from different rooms into the same box.

Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes! If you run out of bubble wrap or wrapping paper, use clothing items like scarfs, sweaters, or towels to fill up the box.

Build strong and supportive boxes by running your packing tape or duct tape down the center of the box, then tape along both sides of the center for additional strength. Reinforce the box by tapping both vertical sides on each bottom corner and around the sides of the box to keep the box sturdy and secure. 

When in doubt, hire licensed and professionally trained movers. Clutter Moving & Storage is always here to help!

P.S. If you’re really strapped for time, Clutter Moving & Storage also offers packing services! 

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