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5 questions to ask yourself before moving to L.A. 


If you currently live in New York, Philly, or pretty much any other big city in the Northeast, there’s a decent chance you lost a friend or two to Los Angeles in the great migration of 2015-2019. Though the pandemic saw as many as 176,000 Angelenos abandoning the city for “greener” (read: sleepier) pastures, the tides have turned once more as people from all over flock to the West Coast. 

If you’re one of the many Americans considering a Western migration, you’ve probably already done a decent amount of research on your potential new home. After getting to know some L.A. neighborhoods, familiarizing yourself with L.A’s nightlife, and narrowing down the best places to live, you’ll have to do some of the most difficult research of all — deciding if L.A. is the right fit for you. 

Below, the team at Common has picked a few questions which will help you decide if you and Los Angeles are the right fit (or if a long-distance relationship might be the better move.)

Is the L.A. lifestyle right for me?  

Let’s start with the most important question on this list, shall we? Despite all of Los Angeles’ perks and its innumerable draws, there’s a strong possibility that L.A. isn’t the right city for you. (To put it in L.A. terms: maybe the vibes are off!) The L.A. lifestyle certainly isn’t for anyone, and those contemplating the move that currently live in places like New York might be shocked at how different life in another major city can be. With that said, this might be the exact change you’re looking for! There’s nothing wrong with a change of pace, and you might find out that the you that you are in L.A. is the best version of you. Did that make sense? 

What will be my drive-time podcast (or playlist)? 

If you have friends or family that have made the move to Los Angeles, then you’re probably very familiar with one of L.A’s most well-known attributes: the traffic. In 2021 alone, Los Angeles drivers spent an average of 62 hours in traffic — roughly the time it would take to watch the entirety of Seinfeld. So, if you’re considering a move to Los Angeles you should be planning out your drive-time playlist or hunting for a podcast capable of making your time in traffic a bit more tolerable. 

Do I need seasons?

Depending on how much you enjoy sledding and cups of cocoa, one of L.A’s greatest attributes may also be a shortcoming. Of course, we’re referring to the 60-ish-degree average temperatures which have drawn visitors and new residents alike to Los Angeles for decades. If you’re willing to sacrifice winter chills and spring showers, by all means swipe right on L.A. But, if you need seasons to keep your sanity, L.A. might be little more than a fun fling. With that said, L.A. weather has changed the minds of even the staunchest of season supporters, and we don’t doubt it could change yours as well. 

Sea, suburbs, or city? 

If there’s any place where you can truly have it all, it’s Los Angeles. Seriously, where else in the United States can you be a beach bum, a city-dweller, and a suburbanite in one day? When this action-packed day comes to a close, however, you have to hang your hat somewhere — and deciding what side of L.A. you want to live in will make the apartment hunt infinitely easier. Fortunately, Common has an L.A. home for everyone, which will make your choice of sea, suburbs, and city an easier one. 

Should I bunk with roommates or live alone? 

A move to a new city can be a big one — both financially and emotionally — and countless new Angelenos opt to live with a roommate to offset the cost and curb loneliness. On the other hand, you might feel like the only way to live the L.A. life on your terms is in a place of your own. Whether you decide to fly solo or bunk with a roomie, Common’s mix of coliving suites and private studios let you live whichever version of the L.A. life you need to. 


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