How Pat found community while working remotely at ALTA by Common


Over the past two years, remote work has become the new normal for thousands of renters across the globe. While we used to spend a few hours at the beginning and end of the day in our apartments, we’re now finding ourselves at home from 9 – 5 for five days out of the week. While remote work has its benefits, there are downsides to making your city apartment your home office, like conflicting Zoom meetings, small spaces, and a sense of isolation. 

Pat, a member at ALTA by Common, might have found a solution. Although he lives with roommates in a coliving suite, the amenities at his Long Island City home give him space to stretch out and stay inspired while working from home. We caught up with Pat while he was on tour with his band in Indianapolis to learn more about his experience at ALTA by Common.

Meet Pat

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born and raised in the Midwest, then moved to New York in January 2021 to pursue a new career. I’m a musician by night, and I do marketing analytics by day. 

How did you find your apartment at Common?

I went through the Roomie app! I didn’t know my roommates before moving in, but it’s all worked out. I think that’s how everyone finds things these days — through apps.

What’s been your favorite part about living at Common?

I’m a big workout freak so I  love that there’s a gym in the building. The common areas in general are awesome. The apartment itself might be small, but the high-quality and well-maintained shared spaces are perfect for me. I work from the rooftop lounge a lot — the views are amazing.

Have you ever attended a Common hosted community event? What was your experience like?

The Cinco de Mayo event was a lot of fun! I got to meet Rob, an operations lead, along with new neighbors and people who are also working from home. It was awesome being able to connect with neighbors who are in the same remote-work-boat as me. Plus, there were free drinks, so it was a win-win.

What’s the biggest difference between living at Common and living anywhere else?

The biggest difference is that at Common everything you need centralized. You have a gym, all your amenities, and social events all in the same building so you don’t have to go far. That’s something I haven’t found in any other apartment.

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience?

I’m looking forward to the summer and all the events! The ones that I’ve been to have been great.

Some (more) fun stuff!

Favorite NYC neighborhood: Astoria (for the parks, the restaurants, and the fun people)

Dream celebrity roommate: Chris Pratt! Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite movie.

Favorite local spot: Don’t wanna blow up my favorite spot 😉 but I wanna shout out the Plaza Express Deli on Queens Plaza South and 27th for making the best hangover-killing heros on planet earth.

Fill in the blank: You can never have enough _________ when living in New York City: Patience for the trains!

Ideal Friday night in NYC: Rooftop @ Alta for pregame. Ride the E train into Ktown. Bar hop down to Greenwich Village. Jazz clubs till 4am. Do it all again next week!

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