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Why young professionals are choosing to live at Common Bosco in Berkeley, California


Berkeley, California is an ideal location for young professionals who are looking to advance their careers or continue their education, while enjoying a vibrant and diverse community. New to the area, Common Bosco is a brand new coliving apartment building that is the perfect living situation for a young adult in the Downtown Berkeley area. The purpose of shared living  in Downtown Berkeley apartments is to eliminate the pain points of living with roommates; you no longer need to have awkward conversations around how to split rent or utility bills, or worry about whose turn it is to clean the apartment because Common provides frequent apartment cleaning – all included in your monthly rent. Common takes all the stress out of furnishing an apartment especially if you are moving from overseas or interstate. At Common Bosco you will receive all the household essentials you could possibly need including pots, pans, dishes, kitchen appliances and even toilet paper!  Plus, your apartment will be fully-furnished and fitted with beautiful furnishings from some of the most design forward brands so you can quickly and comfortably settle into your new home. 

But  that’s not all! Here are some other top benefits of living at Common Bosco as a young professional or student:

Academic environment

Berkeley, California is a vibrant city that offers a unique and exciting experience for college-aged students. Close in proximity to the renowned University of California, Berkeley, Common Bosco is in the center of a lively and diverse student population that creates a dynamic atmosphere.  As a result, the city has a highly educated population and a culture of innovation and intellectual curiosity.

Sustainable living

Berkeley is committed to sustainable living and environmental stewardship. This includes a focus on green transportation, organic food, and waste reduction. Young professionals who prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility will find many resources and like-minded individuals in Berkeley. 

Common Bosco is the city’s first all-electric apartment building. The home’s solar array will produce 50% of the building’s power needs, and the building’s well-insulated envelope will allow the home to be as energy efficient as possible. 

*Common Bosco is Green Point Rated Platinum.*

Cultural diversity

Berkeley is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, and young professionals can enjoy a rich and diverse cultural scene. The city has a thriving arts community, with many galleries, theaters, and music venues. There are also many international restaurants and food markets, reflecting the city’s diversity and global perspective. The city also hosts a variety of events, such as the Berkeley Arts Festival and Berkeley World Music Festival.

Common Bosco is the perfect apartment option to meet roommates and forever friends from all walks of life. There are endless activities to explore with your roommates from live music venues and art galleries to being walking distance from both Shattuck Avenue and Hopkins street with plenty of bars and restaurant options. Some places that Common Bosco members love to frequent are The Cheese Board Collective, Gather, and Silver Pizzeria (we love an ever changing, locally sourced menu).

Outdoor recreation

Berkeley is surrounded by natural beauty, with easy access to hiking trails, parks, and beaches. The city is also home to several parks and open spaces, including Tilden Regional Park and the Berkeley Marina, which offer opportunities for outdoor relaxation, picnics in the park, or even just a scenic place to study or catch up on work.

Common Bosco also offers various on-site outdoor amenity spaces where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the fresh air without leaving the comfort of your apartment building.

A booming job market

Berkeley is home to some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries in the world, including technology, finance, and healthcare. As a result, there are many job opportunities for young professionals in Berkeley and the surrounding areas. Companies like Google, Apple, Kaiser Regional Lab, PG&E, and Tesla have offices nearby, and there are many startups and small businesses in the area as well.

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Common Bosco in Berkeley, California offers young professionals access to world-class universities, a rising job market, a commitment to sustainability, cultural diversity, and endless fresh air induced activities. With all of these factors making Berkeley an inspiring place to live, Common Bosco offers an exciting opportunity for renters to live in a beautiful sustainably forward building at an attainable price, with a built-in community, incredible amenities, and included perks like discounts to local and national brands. Rent starts at $1,659/month for a private room in a fully furnished apartment (including essential household items) and flexible lease terms which makes moving seamless and convenient as well.

There’s a lot more to discover, so why not book a tour? Head to our website to explore the home virtually or in-person, and learn why this coliving home in Berkley is right for you. 

Common Bosco is hosting an open house event this weekend. RSVP here

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