Bed-Stuy’s Charming General Store Willoughby General

Willoughby General carries everything a Bed-Stuy resident could need: fresh produce, cold brew, cooking items, locally made crafts, and more.

Visit Bed-Stuy’s Gorgeous Boutique Sincerely, Tommy

How one entrepreneurial woman curated a womenswear and lifestyle boutique that is loved and celebrated in the Bed-Stuy community.

What to expect from Common Tompkins

Common Tompkins is our newest home in beautiful Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. It's a 3-story fully furnished home with 18 bedrooms.

Roommate agreement form

We’ve all heard some roommate horror stories. To prevent you from falling victim to similar situations, here is a simple roommate contract.

Women’s History Month at Common

Real estate is a male-dominated industry but women are invaluable across every team and everything we do at Common.

How much should I be spending on rent?

The main question on everybody's mind is how much they can afford to pay on rent. Here's how to calculate it for yourself.
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