Coliving: Is it right for you?

The term “coliving” may seem confusing to some people.

Your Guide to Living with Roommates

Living with roommates can be a struggle. After all, we each have our own silly habits, busy schedules, and personal standards. But if you stick to this guide, you’ll be able to navigate such differences and build a great roommate-ship. Roommate Guide Rule 1: Rules, rules, rules! Set boundaries and keep the environment enjoyable for […]

What living with roommates is actually like

Sometimes you’re scouring through Craigslist listings trying to find the right person that you can connect with, and you end up with a total monster.

Ridgewood Photo Tour

Ridgewood is full of culture and community. The energetic and vibrant neighborhood is super welcoming and offers a collection of various one-of-a-kind small businesses.

Live like a Local in Oakland

Oakland is an amazing place to do any and everything. We’ve come up with some local places to go and things to do.

The Keys To A Happy Home

A happy home is essential for your well-being and comfort.

Meet a Member: John in Washington, D.C.

We sat down with John to chat about what his favorite parts of DC are, what he does to unwind, and how coliving and being a member at Common fit perfectly into his life.

Chicago Spring Guide

After getting through winter in the windy city, anyone in Chicago is looking for ways to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Chicago is full of events to get you in that springtime mood.

How to be an Amazing Host

Hosting guests is always fun and exciting. You get to show them a slice of your life while enjoying any festivities or just a nice day. Here are a few tips to up your game as a host. Remove Any Discomforts As a host, you want to remove any discomforts someone may have about being […]

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