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Get to know Zipeng Zhu — Local Artist in Action

Both an independent artist and the creative director of his own studio, Dazzle, Zipeng’s work makes every day sparkle.


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You don’t have to break the bank to design a beautiful home. These are some of the best cost-effective furniture stores in every city. 


Local Artist in Action: Viscaya Wagner

Vermont born artist, Viscaya Wagner, grew up in a family of creatives and moved to New York City to experience the city’s unique energy.


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Every home needs an outdoor space, whether it’s for parties or just getting some air. Give your outdoor space a fresh new look.


What a coliving company’s office looks like

Check out our new HQ! Common’s Associate Director of Interior Design, Cait Gury, transferred the philosophy of our homes to our office.


How to design an effective home office

On the days you need to work from home or finish up a project late at night, having a home office makes all the difference in productivity.