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Design is at the heart of all our homes.

Our homes reflect our approach as a company: relaxed, reliable, and thoughtful. A truly great living experience is made in the details. Excellent design is how we create beautiful homes at an exceptional value. We are architects, designers, procurement specialists, and construction managers. Each member of the team carefully considers every last element of our homes.

Our methodology is to design for community and convenience, in tandem with happiness and comfort. In our homes, that translates to sunny living rooms, chic furnishings, and shared spaces people want to be in, ready-made for the move. We take care of everything, so members have more time to spend on better things.

Crafting the ideal shared living experience has many components. Our team works closely at every stage of the process, from real estate acquisition to receiving feedback from member experiences, to learn and optimize our designs at every turn. These feedback loops provide us with the expert insights needed to design homes that work as well on your Instagram as they do in your day-to-day.


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