Finding Housing

What You Need to Know About Renting in Chicago

Finding a home is one of the hardest parts about moving to a new city.

Touring Matters – Here’s Why

This is why you should always book a tour.

From Australia and France … to Common

Common members come to us from all over. Finding a place to live in a new country can be very difficult elsewhere, yet at Common, the entire process is simple. We’ll let the members tell you more. We previously talked about Eric from Rwanda and Alexandra from Canada. This time meet Sarah from Australia and […]

I’m an Introvert and I Love Coliving

Some people interested in Common worry that they might not fit in yet Common members are very diverse. We have couples, singles, students, established professionals, and more. Some people love hanging out with their suitemates all the time and some really enjoy their private time. We’ve had a few prospective members ask, “Dear Common, I’m […]

Common Baltic: An Expanded Vision of Community Living

I am pleased to announce our newest and largest home yet: Common Baltic. It will be home to upwards of 135 members in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, and will open this winter. I’m especially excited to see this home come to life, as it’s a little different than any we’ve opened to date. Since Common was […]

Move-In Day at Common

After you finally find your dream home, there’s still one more important step: moving in. Moving has never been an easy process. Deciding what to keep, what to donate, or what to sell is a long, often emotional, process. Then figuring out how to transfer all these items can be a logistical nightmare.  Move-in day […]

Coming Home in Brooklyn

This week we celebrate our first home, Common Pacific’s anniversary. Cole, one of our first House Leaders and a founding member of Common Pacific, shares his experience as a member of the community this first year. Last week, or I suppose by the time this is published, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine […]

Sublets, Shared Living, and More: Finding a Home in NYC

Finding a home can be a long and cumbersome process. Finding a home in a big city takes even more work. Nowadays there are so many choices. We’re here to help break it down for you. To Own or Not to Own? The Traditional Route You could always own your home, but prices in big […]

Why Young Professionals Are Staying in Cities and How This Affects Homeownership

Young professionals are staying in cities. What does that mean for homeownership? Young, educated, professionals are flocking to urban neighborhoods across the country on an unprecedented scale, and increasingly they’re choosing to rent. In NYC, where rentership has always outpaced homeownership, a total of 69% of residents are renters, versus 66% in 2005. But this trend […]

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