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Cheapest places to live in New York City

We’re exploring the different boroughs of New York City, identifying the neighborhoods you can actually afford to live in.


What $2,000/month can rent you in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

It’s officially the busiest season to move! To help you stick to your budget, we’re listing the best rental options in Clinton Hill.

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What it’s like to live at Common Marcy in Williamsburg

Curious to see what living at Common Marcy looks like? Katrina answers 33 questions about her beautifully furnished suite in the home.

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Why Common Marcy is the perfect home

Common Marcy has everything a renter in New York could dream of, from short leases and stocked kitchens to smart home features.


We renovated a historic mansion for coliving — here’s how we did it

Our newest New York home is now open. Here’s how we turned this architectural masterpiece into a modern, coliving home.

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What to expect from Common Tompkins

Common Tompkins is our newest home in beautiful Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. It’s a 3-story fully furnished home with 18 bedrooms.