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TV vs. Coliving: Holiday Shopping

Despite the Cyber Monday sales, some of us are struggling with holiday shopping. Others who live at Common aren’t struggling at all — find out how.

The best holiday movies to stream right now

Prepare for the jolliest time of year with these classic holiday films you can stream for free online.

A Brief History of Coliving

For most of human history, people chose to live communally. So how did this basic human tendency lead to “coliving?”

Spending the holiday season away from family

Though most people spend the holiday season at home, some may face the challenge of celebrating in a new environment. Here’s how to do so.

TV vs. Coliving: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! At Common, we’re thankful for Friendsgivings.

Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! With this ultimate holiday gift guide and Black Friday coming up, this year’s holiday shopping will be a piece of cake.

A Brief History of the Urban Housing Crisis

The new era of demand for urban housing makes living in major U.S. cities near impossible. So how did we get here, and how can we solve it?

Healthy habits of successful people

The 7 healthy habits you need to be a more efficient, successful, and happier person.

A Beginner’s Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco offers a different experience to anyone who rolls through. If you’re curious to see what The Golden City has in store for you, then pack your bags and get ready to conquer the city with this beginner’s guide to SF.

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