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In the Know

The best “staycations” for New Yorkers

Looking for a fresh perspective? Taking a staycation in a new neighborhood can make New York City feel brand new, even to a native.

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Common and L+M Development Partners win ShareNYC

Common is excited to announce that we are one of the winners of ShareNYC, NYC’s competition to create affordable housing through coliving.

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9 Apartment Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

Apartment hunting is not simple, and plenty can go wrong. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking for a new abode.

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How to Save Money for Your Own Apartment

With a thoughtful plan, saving money for an apartment can be less painstaking. Here are some tips from our go-to experts, The Financial Gym.


We’ve hit a HUGE milestone!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially signed ten thousand beds into our portfolio, and are announcing four new markets!

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The Unexpected (and Surprisingly High) Costs of Living Alone

Living alone is incredibly expensive — exponentially more expensive than sharing a home with others. Here are the reasons why.