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Interior Design

How do you make your living space beautiful? It’s not just about finding the perfect, sunlit loft - you also need to know a little something about design. But don’t worry - you don’t need a fine arts degree to give your home a warm and welcoming vibe. You just need to be thoughtful about your decor and brush up on some smart design advice.

Here on the Common blog, that’s what we’re all about. Read up on the latest tips and tricks to give your apartment the comfy allure it deserves. Whether you’re trying to color-match your furniture, locate the best vintage stores in your city, or just find some houseplants that thrive in a coliving environment, we’ve got you covered.

Apartment Searching

How to get things done working from your small apartment

Work and home CAN be a match made in productivity heaven — all you need is a dash of creativity and our expert tips.

Interior Design

8 ways to make your apartment more sustainable

Trust us, sustainable apartment living is easier than you think.

Interior Design

We renovated a historic mansion for coliving — here’s how we did it

Our newest New York home is now open. Here’s how we turned this architectural masterpiece into a modern, coliving home.

Interior Design

Color design made simple: new apartment color schemes

Moving to a new apartment? It may sound like overkill, but choosing the right color scheme can really make a difference with how you feel at home.

Interior Design

Small place, big vibes: small apartment ideas to maximize space

Living happily in a small space is possible, but may require some lifestyle changes. Here’s a guide to living big in a small place.

Interior Design

The Best (And Cheapest) Furniture Stores Near You

You don’t have to break the bank to design a beautiful home. These are some of the best cost-effective furniture stores in every city.