Local Highlights

Discovering hidden gems is one of the best parts of moving to a new place. That’s why we regularly feature the best local highlights for our members here on the Common blog.

Searching for a new eatery or laptop-friendly cafe? Want to learn about talented new artists in the local scene? Out to explore the greatest vintage shops, public parks, and music venues your city has to offer? We’ve got you covered. Common coliving homes are placed in the country’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods, so there’s never a shortage of things to do. It’s just about finding them - and that’s what we’re here for! Check back often for the latest tips on things to do in your neighborhood.

Local Highlights

Living in Jersey City: What You Need to Know

Planning on living in Jersey City? Read on for our handy guide that contains everything you need to know from where to live and what to do for fun.

Local Highlights

13 Must-Visit Jersey City Bars

No matter where you live in Jersey City, you’re never too far from a bar!

Local Highlights

5 Places to Visit For the Best New Jersey Nightlife

Where to drink and dance in New Jersey.

Local Highlights

6 Best Water Parks in New Jersey

Get your splash on.

Local Highlights

9 New Jersey Events You Can’t Miss

Mark your calendars!

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Fishtown, Philly: The Ultimate Guide

Find the best spots for food, music, arts, and culture in Fishtown, Philly. Experience the best that Philadelphia has to offer in Fishtown!