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The best books for new New Yorkers, with Greenlight Books

We spoke to the co-founder of one of NYC’s coolest independent bookstores, Greenlight Bookstore, about her recommendations for books for new New Yorkers.

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Where can college grads afford to live in NYC?

It’s hard to find affordable housing, but not impossible. These neighborhoods accommodate college grads and anyone financially constrained.

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10 small ways you can improve your neighborhood

Besides taking out the trash and being neighborly, there’s a lot more that each of us can do to make our neighborhood better.

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8 Tips for Moving to New York City

There’s a lot to know about NYC; get prepared for your move with our top 3 tips for moving to New York City.

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All the cool (and free) ferry rides available in New York

Summer is on the way, and good times wait for no one. New Yorkers can hop on a ferry and explore the city by water.

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Best outdoor activities for roommates in New York

With so much to do and the nice weather on your side, paint the city red with your suitemates and these five outdoor activities.