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There's so much to love about New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Seattle. In fact, there's a little too much to love about the neighborhoods that it's hard for a newcomer to discover and take advantage of all the things the city has to offer.

Common knows what it's like to feel like a newcomer, so we're consistently creating content for people like you to become pros and feel comfortable in a new environment. We know which restaurants locals love, we know where you can find the best produce, and we know what events you need to attend each season.

Our Beginner's Guides and Walkthroughs of major spots around the city are here at your disposal, so you can live like a local in a matter of days. They're easy to follow, comprehensive, and thorough, ensuring your comfort and convenience in getting to know your new neighborhood.


Meet Marleigh Culver, Local Artist in Action

Get to know Marleigh Culver, a Brooklyn based artist whose work is featured in Common Marcy.

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The most photographable spots in Chicago, with Matt Weitz

Chicago based photographer, Matt B. Weitz, shares his favorite spots to photograph around the city of Chicago.


Four cities Common’s Real Estate Directors are excited about

In the next few years, coliving will be expanding to multiple cities. Here are four cities our Real Estate Directors are excited about.

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Tips for the perfect picnic in New York

With the sun shining and flowers blooming, a picnic is the best way to spend a day in New York. Grab these essentials for the perfect picnic.

Local Features

Three movies to get you in the summer mood, with Nitehawk Cinema

We spoke with Nitehawk’s Cinema Team to get the inside scoop on upcoming movies to get you in the summer mood.

In the Know

What’s the average rent in major cities?

In recent years, the urban housing crisis has made living in cities less affordable for more people. Here’s how you can save on rent.