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Looking for the latest news on coliving and apartment-hunting? As the largest coliving startup in the country, it’s something Common knows a little about - and yes, we’re happy to share!

Here on the Common blog, you’ll find must-read stories about the ever-changing world of modern renting. That means new trends in real estate, important changes to the rental economy, the development of affordable housing, and the evolution of coliving. Apartment life is a big part of everyone’s world - it’s only natural that we want to help you stay informed about it. And hey, you might even see a tidbit or two about Common here.

Local Highlights

What to expect from Common Briar in Chicago

Located in historic Lakeview East, Common Briar is our second Chicago home, and located in one of the most happening parts of the city.


We talked to the experts at Talkspace about how to adjust when moving to a new city. Here’s what we found out

The #1 online mental health platform shares their expert tips on everything from making friends, adapting to new cultures, and dealing with the unknown.

Apartment Searching

What is coliving?

Welcome to the one-stop hub for coliving. Find everything you need to know about coliving, moving, leasing, roommates, and design right here.

Local Highlights

Why you should be excited about Common Melrose

We opened our very first home in Los Angeles, California, and it’s more than just beautiful. It’s versatile, environmentally conscious, and affordable.

Local Highlights

What to expect from Common Melrose in Los Angeles

We’re excited to open our very first home in Los Angeles…


What to expect from Common Cypress

Our newest home in Ridgewood is now open. Check out Common Cypress and the neighborhood’s eclectic and chic destinations.