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HealHaus’ Co-Founder Elisa Shankle speaks to healing at home

We spoke to HealHaus’ Co-Founder Elisa Shanke and spoke to her about “Healing 101.” Here are her best tips.

In the Know

Dean’s Top Five Tips to Live a Balanced Lifestyle

Dean prioritizes taking care of himself physically and mentally while living in the city. Follow his five tips for a balanced lifestyle.


Wellness at Common: community events round-up

Here are a few of our favorite examples of wellness-based events that can inspire you and your friends to host in your city!

In the Know

Wellness Guide to L.A. with Cle Cosmetics Founder, Lauren Jin

How do you unwind in the congested mess that is L.A? Cle Cosmetics founder and California native Lauren Jin, shares her slices of paradise.

Local Features

Little Choc Apothecary founder, Julia Kravets, on tips for being vegan in a big city

Julia Kravets, founder of Little Choc Apothecary, shares the inspiration behind her restaurant, and her top tips for being vegan in a big city.

In the Office

Common’s Office Wellness Program

This year, Common launched a series of wellness based initiatives focused on teaching our team the tenets of self-care, from managing stress to managing our financial health.