Behind the scenes – How we onboard members

An inside look at how we designed the membership onboarding experience at Common.

Welcome to common

At Common, we’ve set out to improve the way we live together by providing fully furnished homes with flexible month-to-month terms at an all-in-one price. As we built out our first property, we carefully designed both online and offline experiences to maximize user happiness.

After being interviewed and accepted, one of the first experiences a member has with Common is the onboarding process — where they choose a suite, electronically sign membership agreements and make their first payment. We’ve eliminated broker fees, credit checks and complicated lease agreements in favor of a simplified process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Here’s an inside look at how we onboard our members.

Choose your suite

All Common members live in private rooms within suites of multiple roommates. After choosing a suite, we showcase high-quality photos of available rooms in the suite with our all-in-one pricing. This makes the process of splitting the cost of the suite with roommates straightforward and easy.


A refreshing take on pricing

No utilities, no broker fees, no surprises. We designed the checkout process to give a clear picture into what’s due today and what’s due next month.



Joining the community


All set to move in! Payments are processed securely every month, so there’s no worrying about arriving with a checkbook or forgetting to pay rent. Members show up on the scheduled move-in date and are greeted by our community manager.

common bed

Want to work with us? We’re looking for a designer who can create aesthetically pleasing products both online and in our physical spaces.

Hello, 1162 Pacific Street

We started Common to address the need for housing that is flexible, user-friendly, and community-driven. Our mission is to rethink housing from the ground up, answering the question of what residential living would look like if it were designed from scratch today. Today, we’re thrilled to be opening our first residence for 19 members at 1162 Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

When we first saw 1162 Pacific earlier this year, we knew it would be a great match with Common’s model. With exposed brick walls, big bedrooms, and large, airy common spaces, it had the potential to incubate a strong, tight-knit community of members. The rear garden and roof deck simply added to the appeal. And it was totally vacant, just emerging from a full renovation.

Hallway, 1162 Pacific StreetLiving RoomDining Table with Bottle, 1162 Pacific












And of course, there was a totally open, 1,800 square foot space on the garden level – the perfect opportunity to create a shared dining room and hall for community gatherings. And by day, it serves as a working space for our members who freelance or happen to work from home. As someone who used to work from home, I know that even a little separation between work and life can go a long way.

Dining and Work Area











Located on Pacific Street between Franklin and Bedford Avenues, our first residence is in the heart of Crown Heights, a vibrant neighborhood with great access to transportation, unique locally-owned businesses, and a friendly atmosphere. As we grow our own community, we will seek to build bridges into and relationships with the existing community that lives, works, and plays in Crown Heights.

Finally, we’ve partnered with some great organizations – including Casper, Restoration Hardware, Parachute, and Slate – to make sure that our fully-furnished rooms and common areas are clean, comfortable, and well-designed. By fully furnishing all Common residences, regularly cleaning shared spaces, and stocking kitchens and bathrooms with supplies, we are removing many of the hassles roommates face when they live together. And by focusing on the customer experience from beginning to end, we’re creating a far better experience for small groups of individuals living together.

Bedroom, 1162 Pacific Street

In addition, we’ve used technology throughout our journey of bringing our first residence to life. 1162 Pacific features Nest thermostats, Meraki wireless access points, and Bluetooth door locks compatible with keycards, smartphones and Apple watches. To identify the building, we teamed up with a firm that uses technology to find property. Quantierra’s data-driven approach helped us quickly find a building that fit our needs for space, quality, and location.

Since we announced our opening a few weeks ago, we have received an immense amount of interest in what we’re doing. Over the past several weeks we have received over three hundred applications, and more continue to roll in every day. We are thrilled to welcome our new members into the Common community, and we are ever more excited for what the future will bring.

Community Leader, NYC

Common is seeking a Community Leader to build and manage our growing community of members in New York City. Our Community Leader will be responsible for not just Common’s own members, but also our cultural and social integration with the existing communities in the local Brooklyn neighborhoods we call our home.

About Common

Common is a community offering flexible shared housing that makes it easy for people to find a place to live in major cities. Building a selective network of housing communities in top U.S. cities, Common connects vetted members with secure, flexible and inviting places to live within communities of their peers. Headquartered in New York, Common was founded by General Assembly co-founder Brad Hargreaves in early 2015.

About the Role

Common partners with real estate owners and investors to purchase whole vacant buildings in emerging neighborhoods, adapting them for flexible, higher-density use. By doing this, we’re addressing the fundamental supply and demand issues that underlie housing in major cities today.

Since our founding in early 2015, we’ve built an experienced team with backgrounds in operations, real estate, finance, design, construction, and engineering. But in order to achieve our goals, we need to add a community leader to our team who can foster an environment of goodwill, camaraderie, and fellowship among our members. In doing this, we will take a step to fulfilling our mission of making housing better and more personal.

Furthermore, we are joining neighborhoods that have strong pre-existing communities, communities that manifest through locally owned businesses, block parties, neighborhood associations, after-school programs and more. Common does not exist in isolation; our membership will become a part of the fabric of the neighborhood and we need a Community Leader that encourages and facilitates this integration.

Our Community Leader needs to be willing to dive in and do whatever needs to be done. Interpersonal skills are key, and frequent tasks will include organizing dinners and community events, resolving member disputes, helping new members navigate the city and the neighborhood, and building relationships with local businesses and community leaders.

We are seeking an adaptable leader who can join our team full-time and manage our nascent community. We have significant financial backing and are building the 21st century’s first iconic residential real estate brand.


  • You smile easily, hug warmly, and you put people at ease. Interpersonal skills are a must in this role.
  • You know how to create a welcoming, positive vibe. People should love spending time in your world.
  • You keep your cool in stressful situations.
  • You are operationally savvy, with a knack for project management and planning.
  • You come up with creative ways to bring people together, and you make certain those people enjoy the time they’re spending in your company.
  • You know how to ask for help when you need it.
  • Experience in hospitality, community organizing, and/or events management is a plus.


Email Brad Hargreaves at