Biggest mistakes people make when moving to a big city

By Christina Yoh

April 23, 2019

What exactly is coliving?

Coliving is one of the best and most direct means to achieve optimal density and affordable housing in the modern urban context.

What community means at Common

Not only are our homes designed with a “know your neighbor” ethos, but we also provide members with opportunities to build friendships.

Where to find cheap, high-quality furniture

If you're on a budget, then shop at the following furniture stores, known for their affordable, high-quality, and modern products.

Housing options in the city for international students

Finding housing as a student is hard. Especially as an international student, it takes a lot to understand the options. Let's narrow it down.

How to feel at home in a new city

Everything's unfamiliar, and you're both excited and nervous. Start with these 5 action items to get started on feeling at home in a new city.

Ranking the Best Cafes in Pilsen, Chicago

Whether you're getting work done or just recharging for a day of exploring, choose from these top cafes in one of our favorite neighborhoods.
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