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Common members save over $500 every month over a traditional studio apartment.

Total Cost:
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Traditional Studio

* Common coliving rooms are also furnished - more than a $4,000 value - and never require a broker fee.


We provide the beautiful spaces, our members make them home.

Common Lincoln in Prospect Lefferts Gardens is outfitted with everything you need, from a comfy bed in your private room to the spoons your kitchen drawer.
Every Common members gets a private bedroom furnished with exactly what you need.

Private bedroom

Every member has a private bedroom, furnished with a nightstand, lamp, and a comfy bed.

Move in day at Common means your home is all set up and ready for you. From furniture to utilities set up, you’re ready to start your live on day one.

Fully furnished

Our homes come furnished with quality pieces from exceptional brands like Restoration Hardware and West Elm.

Ready to cook up a storm? Every appliance and utensil you need is already in your Common kitchen.

High-end kitchen

Every kitchen at Common is outfitted with high-end appliances, dishware, and other essentials. Included furnishings differ by home. Ask your leasing specialist for more information.

At Common, we know living with others can become messy. Once a week, your home is freshened up with a professional cleaning of all the shared spaces.

Cleaning services

Our professional team cleans shared spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, and shared bathrooms on a regular basis.

Never be out of paper towels again. Common members get a steady supply of household essentials delivered to their home regularly.

Basic supplies

We stock your household staples like pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, and soap, so you don’t have to run those pesky errands. Included furnishings differ by home. Ask your leasing specialist for more information.

No more rolls of coins or lugging your dirty laundry across the street. Every Common home features free on-site washers and dryers.

Onsite laundry

Never lug your dirty clothes to a laundromat again. All Common homes offer on-site or in-unit laundry.

Got a new job in a different city or just feel like trying out a different vibe? Common members can switch things up with transfers within and between Common homes.


If you’re ready to transfer to another room or home within the Common community, simply put in a request.

Commercial-grade WiFi powers private and communal spaces. Because we know you like to work at home or gather for the latest HBO and Netflix have to offer.

Free high-speed WiFi

Our homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, included at no additional cost to you.

When something’s broken, simply reach out to Common’s member services team and we’ll be on the case right away.

Property Services

Our property services team makes sure our homes are in tip-top shape, and respond to all maintenance requests within 24 hours.


Living at Common means you’re always invited and never obligated

Living at Common means you’ll find people who like people, yet enjoy their privacy too.
Easy move-in day

Easy move-in day

Move-ins can take as few as 30 minutes thanks to keyless access and clear, thoughtful instructions from our Member Services team.

An open invitation

An open invitation

As a member, you have access to the entire Common community, whether you’re on the east coast, west coast, or anywhere in between.

Stay connected

Stay connected

Find out what’s happening in your home, or check in with members across the country. The Connect by Common app empowers members to engage and coordinate plans with each other.

Built for community

Built for community

Every Common home has community spaces, perfect for a potluck meal, movie night, or book club with your neighbors.


Common members share their experiences.

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Brooklyn, NY

"If you look at all the stresses involved in uprooting your life and moving to a new country, moving into Common was completely stress-free. Not only that, the chance to instantly meet new, friendly, like-minded people that make you feel part of a community, made a huge difference."

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SoMa, SF

"The best part about living at Common as a couple is it makes it easy to have friends outside of work and a fun community of people to hang out with, but still get plenty of “us” time. Living at Common as a couple you would think it would be difficult to have privacy, but Common has been such a perfect balance for us."

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Brooklyn, NY

"Since becoming a part of Common, I, along with others, have thought more about how physical space affects the ways we interact with each other. In a community like ours, it facilitates interaction. The people and the ability to move in with only three bags and have everything else provided is why I live here."

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