Common is creating better living through convenience and community.

We keep the good parts of shared housing while removing the annoyances. Common members know their neighbors, meet new people, and save money. Being a Common member means never having to worry about cleaning, moving furniture, or splitting the bills.

Perspectives from Common

Each person on the Common team brings something special to our work together. Get to know a few of us:

Karlene Hollomon


I joined Common after being in the hospitality industry for nearly 30 years and I have found my skills to be very transferable. Today property management is increasingly moving towards creating experiences for residents. That means great furnishings, welcoming staff and ways to create community. I saw Common as an opportunity to contribute to an exciting forward-thinking, fast-moving industry.

Brad Hargreaves

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

At Common, we provide our members with friendly, warm, inviting homes and a welcoming community. Nothing could be more rewarding to me and our team.

Simon Jawitz


Working with so many talented, creative and dedicated young professionals is truly fun and inspiring. There is nowhere I would rather be than at Common. Working to change the world—the way people live—is challenging, exciting, and deeply rewarding.

Hayeon Shim

Managing Director, Studio

I joined Common because of the unique opportunity for the perspectives of tenants, operations, and developers. I cross-departmental collaboration, that allows me to design with believe the ability to make informed design decisions is powerful and truly sets Common apart from other residential brands.

Glenford Brown

VP, Operations

Commons mission to provide better City living is a big part of my decision to join the team. We are made up of forward-thinking professionals that provide a unique experience to members and a collaborative experience for Real Estate owners. I am truly thrilled to be apart of this amazing team.

Jessica Lazo

Corporate Controller

I came to Common because I was drawn by the company's mission to make city living better. Over the last few years, it's become more challenging to find attractive housing at a manageable cost. I'm excited to help address that issue at Common by effectively scaling our Finance team and processes.

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Real estate partners

Real estate developers and investors partner with Common to generate above-market returns through exceptional property management, technology, and coliving services.

Paul Henry

Founder, Patoma

As an owner/developer who has been building and managing multi-bedroom apartments for over 10 years, I have really enjoyed working with Common as they systematize and improve the shared housing model by focusing on member experience and fostering true community in their homes.

Eddie Soleymani

Founder, Gemma Property Group

Common is making life easier for developers and property owners like myself. They handle all of the hassles of property management while offering a superior experience to their members. Common is revolutionizing residential real estate, and their experienced team has made leasing properties easier than ever.

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