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Succulents: how to plant them (and keep them alive)

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Plants can make a house a home. For the past year now, succulents have been the houseplant of choice to add homey-ness, a hint of color, and personality to a room. They’re cute, diverse, and low maintenance. If they’re the right plant for you, here are the top 3 tips to perfect your succulent planting, keeping, and growing.

Planting Your Succulent

The size of the pot matters. You want the succulent bowl to fit the room aesthetic, but the bowl should also fit the plant. Make sure that the succulent has enough room to grow its potential flowers and spread its roots; leave around ½” to 1” between the succulent and edge of the pot. In addition, ensure that the pot has a good drainage system. Roots don’t do well with wet soil, so ensure your succulent’s breathability with a hole at the bottom of the pot. If you’re worried about soil falling out, use mesh tape or a layer of pebbles to cover the hole but not prevent the water flow. Don’t forget to fill the pot to the top with soil and any other top dressings.

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Placing Your Succulent

Though succulents are low-maintenance, the one thing they do need is ample sunlight. Place them on a window sill or in a room that faces south so as to maximize sunlight exposure on a daily basis. By doing this, you can prevent the weird bending and expanding of its leaves. If none of your rooms have suitable lighting, then purchase a grow light to supply them with as much light as possible.

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Watering Your Succulent

Most importantly, don’t over water your succulents. Succulents store water in their leaves and stems, so they won’t die right away if you forget to water them. After planting, leave to it sit for one to two days before watering so the roots can settle in first. Too much water can cause the roots to rot. The golden rule is, water the plant a lot at once, not often. That means soaking your succulents about once a week until water is coming out of the drainage hole and letting the soil dry out completely between waterings.

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