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Questions to ask when you’re looking for an apartment


Looking for an apartment is tough, we know. There are a lot of questions that arise in the process.

Sifting through listings, sorting out roommates, figuring out timelines, figuring out moving, trying to sort out what to compromise on and what to stick to your guns on. There are a lot of factors at play with even more at risk. Sign a year lease and you’re committed to an apartment you don’t love for what feels like an eternity. If you don’t understand all the up-front costs, sometimes you can over commit to something that isn’t within your reasonable price range. Or on the flip side, maybe you forgot to ask about all the amenities that come included with your rent, and little did you know that you have easy access to a gym or laundry facility included or in slight addition to your rent.

In order to make it easier on your hunt, we’ve compiled a list of questions and one that’s printable for you (feel free to take it on your search). These questions should serve as your quintessential list. Of course, things vary based on markets (don’t forget to ask if there’s a broker’s fee if you’re in New York for instance, or if there’s parking included if you’re in California), but we like to think of the included as something to get you started. Ask these questions while you tour apartments to make your life that much easier, and to feel assured that when you sign a lease, you’re in the right apartment for you.

Questions to ask on your apartment hunt

1. How much does it cost?
2. What’s included in the rent?
3. Is rental insurance required?
4. What do I need to put down to move in?
5. When is the move-in date? Is that flexible?
6. What’s the overnight guest policy?
7. How long is the lease term?
8. Is there a property manager? What’s the process for requesting fixes?
9. How do I pay the rent? Can I do it online?

Questions for moving

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