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New year, new home. Decorating tips to re-energize your space.


A new year marks a new start, a revitalization. This can manifest in a New Year’s resolution or in changing up the design of your living space. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to do the latter. Just consider some of these home decorating tips to re-energize your space for the new year.

Revive your coffee table.

That little table in front of your sofa is more than just an interior design feature of your living room. Rather, it’s an important item that sets the tone and style of your entire home. This is why we suggest you make better use of your coffee table. Just placing these coffee table books or adding flowers can make the seating area feel more inviting and approachable to guests. You’ll want to and naturally will spend more time on your sofa now with this little design detail.

Incorporate more (and different) art into your interior.

Everyone’s got their own style, and that style changes as we grow and evolve. The art and color scheme of your home should reflect the same kind of development. Invest in a central painting (or paint your own) to change the focal point of your space and hang up pieces of art around your home that inspire you and that add texture and accents. We found some of our favorite prints at Society6. If you’re not into hanging up pieces of art, you can still easily add a different pop color with new fabrics, a rug, or throw pillows. You’re the designer, so curate all your favorite pieces and paint away.

Bring plants into your home.

Plants lighten up smaller spaces and make your interior feel more lively and cozy. Pick the right plants for your home, and make sure they’re well taken care of as they can lead to good energy flow. If you’re thinking of sticking to low-maintenance plants such as succulents, here’s how to plant them and keep them alive. Last tip: plant hangers are the new black!

Move, get rid of, or buy new furniture.

Simply rearranging furniture can make a home feel brand new. Shift that sofa a couple inches, and add those chairs from the other room. If this doesn’t do the trick, take time to declutter your space and get rid of furniture you don’t use. A clear space makes for a clear head, so discard or donate as necessary. The last option is to change up your interior style and transform your home with new furniture. Not only will you feel more in tune with your home, but you’ll also just love living there because you — the designer — love every piece of it, from the ceiling to the floor.

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At Common, we do the heavy handling for you, whether you want to replace furniture or move to another city in the new year. You just have to move in, and make yourself at home with these re-energizing tips. It’s that easy. Book a tour today and see for yourself.

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