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TV vs. coliving: apartment hunting


Most of us know the struggle of apartment hunting. Especially if you’re looking for a place to rent and start a lease during the heavy-demand seasons, apartment hunting can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly. TV shows accurately depict these frustrations, such as going through listing sites, dealing with landlords, and reaching a rental agreement.

Here’s how coliving removes all the stress points of apartment hunting.

TV vs. Coliving: Finding Roommates

TV: Looking for a place is hard, but finding roommates might be an even bigger hurdle. If you have a friend in the city, ask to be roommates or alternatively, find people on Craiglist and Facebook. Choose wisely, keeping in mind that you have to discuss your budget, what areas you want to live in, and how you want to split the rent. Important requirements for compatibility may be similar price ranges and credit scores!


Coliving: At Common, we do all that hard work for you. You’ll get your own private, fully furnished bedroom within a beautiful shared suite, which includes a Smart TV, a fully stocked kitchen, and household essentials that you can share with your suitemates. Not to mention, free weekly cleanings by our professional team will get rid of any passive-aggressive roommate problems.

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TV vs. Coliving: The Apartment Search

TV: The worst part of the process is going through thousands of listings and seeing the home in-person, only to be disappointed by its reality. When you think a place is within your budget, it’s in a sketchy area. When the building has great amenities, it’s out of your price range. It’s hard to find the perfect match, and when you do, it might be taken off the market that same day.


Coliving: The listings on our site are 100% true to form. You can tour any of our homes virtually or in-person, and expect what you see on the day of your move-in. The application process is as quick and easy as filling out an online form, touring the home from your computer, setting down a security deposit (that will be used in your second month’s rent), and moving in that same week. Apartment hunting made easy.

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TV vs. Coliving: Brokers and Landlords

TV: These days, you have to be wary of rental scams, terrible brokers, and a mean landlord. Some brokers charge extremely high fees, and others don’t listen to your needs. Landlords or supers are sometimes hard to deal with, especially when something is broken in the apartment. Always remember that as a rent-paying tenant, you have the right to request your property be kept in good (and working) condition.


Coliving: Three words: no broker fee. At Common, we do not charge a broker fee on top of your rent. You can expect flexible leases, as well as transferable leases between our homes across all major cities in the U.S. Common, is both the property manager and landlord, so as a member, you’ll have access to our Property Services and Member Services teams to address any requests and needs.

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TV vs. Coliving: Amenities

TV: It’d be great if every apartment had in-unit laundry and a 24-hour gym, but that’s just not the case. Most rental options out there have little to no amenities included in the rent. You’re considered lucky if you can just find gyms and laundromats in the area around your building.


Coliving: Coliving at Common means that your rent includes free laundry (in-unit, with detergent provided), free weekly cleaning services, and other free household essentials, from toilet paper to pots and pans. Some of our buildings even come with a 24-hour gym or a home movie theater, meaning there’d be no commute time (and no excuses not to go) to the gym.

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TV vs. Coliving: Rent Negotiation

TV: Most times, it’s hard to stay within your original budget without compromising some things. Even when you negotiate your rent before signing a lease agreement, additional costs like the broker fee and renter’s insurance may put the home out of your price range. You have to choose between lowering your standards and raising your budget.


Coliving: At one all-inclusive rent, you can get a fully furnished, private bedroom and all the amenities you can dream of in the heart of major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and more. Utilities included! Your rent will be lower than Craigslist listings and studio prices within your area, which translates into $380 a month in savings.

Apartment hunting doesn’t have to be as stressful as TV shows portray. At Common, it can be as easy as filling out an online application, taking a free tour, and moving in half an hour. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a free tour today. And check out our Facebook page and Twitter for up-to-date information about our homes, members, and cities.

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