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5 creative Ikea hacks you can easily achieve


The furniture in a home can tell a lot about the person. A lot of the times, however, high-quality and expressive furniture is so expensive that many of us defer to simple pieces. What if I told you that there are Ikea hacks that can make your furniture look unique and your space perfectly you?

Here are our top favorite Ikea hacks.

Beginner: Muffin pan turned herb garden

Have a green thumb? Create your own little garden with a muffin pan. It’s the perfect storage space for all your little plants, making them easy to water and receive sunlight. Pick the right plants for your home and lifestyle, and learn how to properly take care of your plants before you go and create this mini herb garden.


Beginner: Personal cork board from heat trivets

Take these cheap heat trivets from the kitchen and paint them with your favorite color of acrylic paint, brushed or stenciled. Let it dry and add a gold rim to make them pop. Use a small nail and hammer in the cork rounds to the wall; you can also glue, tape, or hang them. Create your own personal board with pictures, notes, jewelry, and whatever else defines you.

Intermediate: Modern dresser

Want to give your boring storage dresser a more modern flair? Stain the base and legs with a dark walnut wood finish stain. Then paint the dresser white. Sand the knobs, and use a coat of spray paint to make the knobs gold.

Advanced: Laptop desk to bar cart

First, assemble the Ikea laptop table as instructed on the box, but put aside the glass top and the particle board shelf part. Place the desk frame on a dropcloth and spraypaint on several coats of your favorite color.

Take the particle board shelf, and cover it with a coat of mod podge and wrap with patterned paper. Spray acrylic spray when dry.


Cut an acrylic sheet to 39⅜”x14⅛” with the glass cutter. Turn the desk frame upside down, place the acrylic sheet, then mark the location of the holes for the legs. Remove the sheet, and drill holes with a ½” bit. Place castor wheels ¾” from the edge of the acrylic sheet on all four sides, mark the holes, and drill accordingly with a ⅜” bit.

Drill in the wheels with screws on the sheet. Place the entire sheet on the desk frame (upside down) and drill into the legs. Put the patterned shelf piece into the respective spot and drill screws to secure it. Flip the entire piece over, and place the glass sheet on top. Lastly, style the bar cart with your cocktail accessories and wheel it around during your housewarming party.

Advanced: Bookshelf turned kitchen island

If you need more storage space in your kitchen, then use bookshelves to act as an island table. Assemble Billy bookcases (two or three) from Ikea. Connect them to each other by countersinking 1” particle board screws 3” from the top and bottom.

Use cleats made from 2x4s to attach the bookshelves to the floor. Attach a beadboard with liquid nails and finish nails. Cut an Ikea Butcher block to the right size after attaching the corbels with screws. Sand the butcher block and add Danish Oil to finish the table.

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