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Roommate agreement form

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Living with roommates takes a lot of patience and consideration. You’ll definitely learn a lot from the experience, but let’s face it, we’ve all heard some roommate horror stories.

To prevent you from falling victim to similar stories, here is a simple roommate agreement template that you and your roommate(s) can sign to ensure you have the healthiest and most respectful roommate-ship possible throughout your lease. Fill out this document, as appropriate.

Rommmate Agreement Template

I, ___________, promise to be a respectful, kind, and honest roommate of ____________. Specifically, I will abide by the following rules to the best of my abilities. In the case of failing to uphold the standards of this contract, I will ______________________________.
(i.e. pay a fee, lose the right to host guests, clean the entire residence)

  1. The security deposit for this apartment was $_________. It will be returned on __________.
  2. The monthly rent for this space is $_________. The monthly utilities (+WiFi) fee for this apartment is $_____.
  3. The length of this lease is ____ months.
  4. I will pay my share of the rent and utilities on time by ________________________________.
    Example: setting up a monthly rent direct deposit to the landlord on the ___th of every month.
  5. I will be considerate of the shared living spaces, such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. These spaces of the apartment will be cleaned after use and respected.
  6. We each have obligations to do the chores, including washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors, and taking out the trash. Chores should generally be shared on a rotational basis.
    I volunteer to perform the basic chores every _____ and _____ week of the month.
  7. This residence allows overnight guests for ____ days. The host will notify other tenants ____ days ahead of time to prepare for the guests’ stay.
  8. If there is any malfunction of utilities or an intrusion of living conditions (i.e. broken faucet, no hot water), the first tenant to recognize it will notify the landlord right away. The entire residence will pay for any costs involved.
    The landlord, _______, can be reached at _________________.
  9. Tenants of the shared space have obligations to resolve any disagreements in a timely, direct, and appropriate manner. No passive aggressiveness.
  10. Pets and animals are/are not (circle one) allowed on the premises.

Apartment address:
Name (written):                                                              Date:

Though this contract will not solve all roommate problems, it will easily set up basic rules, obligations, and standards for a new roommate-ship. You can always come back to this document for reference if you find that certain rules are being violated or if you just need to figure out things at the end of your lease. Happy roommateship!

Download the agreement template contract (PDF) here.

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