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Lifehacks: Moving to a city in the fall


Moving in the fall might seem ideal, but one can never be too prepared for a move. Take into consideration these tips and alternative options. They’ll save you a ton of time and help you avoid major headaches.

Timing a fall move

During the fall, it starts to get darker earlier in the day, much like winter. You’ll have less daylight to move, so try to get started early in the day, or make accommodations for moving when it starts to get dark. Not to mention, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the holiday season are approaching, so be sure to plan around these dates to avoid traffic or satisfy any upcoming plans.

Keep a broom around

Fall is known for its beautiful scenery, but leaves, dirt, and other debris travel easily in this season. You will track in a lot of dirt, so try to keep walkways, driveways, and other spaces clean. Keep a broom, mop, and sponge handy so you can clean as you go, and settle into a clean home.

Dress comfortably

It can be chilly this time of year! Dress for cold, possibly rainy weather. Comfort and warmth should be priorities so that you don’t get too cold and can move with ease. Wear comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind wearing for long periods of time, to avoid slips and other injuries. Having a hooded rain jacket on hand is also super important so you can keep going if it rains in the middle of your move.

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