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Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Home


Choosing the right fabric for your home can change the ambiance and look of the space. We’ve come up with some tips to help you understand which fabrics best suit you and your space.choosing right fabric home

Fabric Usage

Always think about who will use the piece the most and how they will use it. For kids and pets, faux suede is the best option. Faux suede can withstand wear and tear longer than other materials. Distressed leather is also durable and easy to clean. Cotton Velvet is also durable, soft to touch and lasts a long amount of time.choosing right fabric home

Color of your Fabric

Have the color palette of the space figured out before you shop for your pieces is crucial. It can save you time, and a lot of guessing work. For larger pieces, it’s a good idea to pick a neutral simple fabric that can be accessorized with smaller, more colorful pieces. Pillows, throws, and other items can add any extra touch your chairs or couch could be missing. Relying on accessories for texture and color makes it easier to change your space when you want to.choosing right fabric home

Care For Your Fabric

Always ask how the material will have to be cleaned and cared for before you make your purchase. This may change your opinion on the piece you’re buying, or it may make you want it more. It is always important to know so that you can take care of your pieces in the best way possible. At Common, the homes are designed for the coziest feel with the best quality, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right fabric for your home!

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