Sinners & Saints: the LA dessert shop with a split menu

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Sinners & Saints: the LA dessert shop with a menu split down the middle


Have you ever wished there was one place to fulfill both your healthy and decadent cravings? Or are you gluten-free and constantly on the prowl for the perfect dessert alternative to the regular favorites? 

sinners & saints

Sinners & Saints was born from these exact desires. With the coming-together of two very different minds, a bakery was born that focused on both the gluten-free and indulgent sides of desserts. Elisa and Dustin started small with a dream to balance health and decadence in their dessert shop, but they always had big ideas and high hopes. 

Their main focus was to create a place where everyone could enjoy something delicious, and find exactly what they were looking for with ease. Ten years later, Sinners & Saints is a staple amongst locals in the Venice and Marina del Rey area for both regular and gluten-free dessert lovers. We caught up with Elisa and Dustin to learn more about the ins and outs of running a bakery with a menu split down the middle. 

Hi Elisa! Can you tell us more about how Sinners & Saints got its name?

When we first started the business, our idea was having our ‘Saints’ desserts be a healthier alternative to our decadent ‘Sinners’ desserts. We had no idea the business would go in the direction it has! Honestly, we owe what we’ve become today to our customers. One of our regulars came in with the idea for the ‘Saints’ desserts to be gluten-free and we knew at that moment that was our next move. It all happened on a whim and we haven’t looked back since. 

sinners & saints

Your customers are a core part of your day to day business, do you have any favorite memories with them?

Ironically, some of our favorite memories with our customers have been during the chaos of COVID-19. The sheer dedication of our regulars has been heart-melting. They support us so wholeheartedly by coming in almost every day to support the business. Outside of the pandemic, every day we have beautiful moments when our customers try our desserts for the first time. Simply seeing the joy in the eyes of someone gluten-free who hasn’t had a “real” cupcake or dessert in years being able to fully let go and dig in is amazing. That moment of pure joy is reason alone for us to keep the business going. 

sinners & saints

What are your favorite parts of the Venice and Marina del Rey area?

Our community is what has made us fall in love with the Venice area. There’s so much happening here, and the neighborhood vibe is always changing. Over the years, we’ve become as close as family to the locals in the neighborhood. Our business quickly changed from focusing on the desserts to the attention and dedication we have to our customers.  We have such a beautiful community here and couldn’t have asked for more.

sinners & saints

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