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5 reasons to move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn


Ever seen a picturesque New York City stoop in movies and TV that just looks too quaint to be true? While it’s possible those scenes were shot on a soundstage, their inspiration undoubtedly draws from some of the many tree-lined streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. And the stoops aren’t only charming, they’re also historic relics: remnants of a lost era of architecture in one of New York’s most historic neighborhoods.

The neighborhood of Bed-Stuy is so much more than its beautiful blocks. Bed-Stuy is culturally rich and exceptionally diverse, and the neighborhood has something for just about everyone. The one-of-a-kind spirit of Bed-Stuy is what drew us to open Common Baker right in the heart of the neighborhood, with easy access to Brooklyn via the G line and a 20 minute ride to Manhattan via the A/C. Common makes Bed-Stuy living even more appealing with fully-furnished spaces with included amenities like WiFi, regular cleanings, and laundry–all for $1,095. While Common Baker is one major draw, here are five other reasons to move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Cultural capital

Bed-Stuy’s long history as a black community endures, but the neighborhood’s roots can be explored through various museums that call Bed-Stuy home. The Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art celebrates the black community’s countless contributions to American art — and culture at large — while grounding the near century old neighborhood firmly in the present. Only a short walk from Common Baker, having the BSMAA as your local museum is a real perk to living in Bed-Stuy.

Next-level nightlife

Bed-Stuy boasts some of Brooklyn’s best bars — from hole-in-the-wall dives to swanky cocktail slingers. Dynaco offers the best of both worlds, as its unfussy atmosphere is as warm and inviting as the fireplace inside. The bar’s great vibe is matched with an equally impressive beer and wine list, along with a solid selection of craft cocktails. Want something a bit more uptempo? Try C’mon Everybody, the bar/live music venue where drinks are cheap and spirits are high. Bring your dancing shoes, because a late night dance party is always bubbling just beneath the surface at this Bed-Stuy bar.

Eats for everyone

Bed-Stuy is extremely diverse, with countless cultures and identities being expressed within its brownstone-lined streets. There is perhaps no better example of this diversity than the wide array of different types of food available in Bed-Stuy — from Filipino-meets-TexMex Swell Dive to the Nando’s-inspired Peri Peri Grill House. We would be remiss not to include Bed-Stuy’s iconic soul food, like neighborhood legend Ma-n-Pop. The feel-good food is complemented by a family-like atmosphere and walls lined with momentos. Go-to Bed-Stuy brunch spot? Check!

Park life

Not only is the neighborhood of Bed-Stuy home to some of Brooklyn’s best dining and nightlife, it’s also the home of one of Brooklyn’s oldest parks: Herbert Von King Park. The centuries-old greenspace is complete with countless recreation areas (like baseball fields, handball courts, and designated barbecue stations) and also features an amphitheater where concerts and performances are held year round. Though not as large as Herbert Von King, Fulton Park is another great space for Bed-Stuy residents to get some fresh air and enjoy some light people-watching.

Nice neighbors

Bed-Stuy has so much to offer, but those that like to explore will find solace in the fact that Bed-Stuy’s neighbors are also a ton of fun. Bed-Stuy counts the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick, Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill as its neighbors on all sides–though the island of Manhattan is accessible in 30 minutes via the J train.

Bed-Stuy bound!

Bed-Stuy is one of New York’s best up-and-coming neighborhoods, and its tree-lined streets featuring classic Victorian architecture are only made better by its diverse community atmosphere and endless list of attractions. Want to know more about living in Bed-Stuy? Start by checking out our Bed-Stuy homes, Common Baker and Common Halsey to discover how you can get the most out of this historic neighborhood.

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