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Why Columbia Heights is the perfect neighborhood for new D.C. residents


Many people may be familiar with our nation’s capital for its world-renowned museums and rich history, but few realize how cool the neighborhoods of Washington D.C. truly are. One of D.C.’s most notable neighborhoods, Columbia Heights, is equally as known for its diversity as it is its food scene. It’s also an ideal destination for those new to the D.C. area — or those just looking for convenience — as it is centrally located and offers easy access to the Capitol and other hubs.

Our Columbia Heights home, Common Monroe builds on that convenience, with included amenities like in-suite laundry, high-speed WiFi, and even household supplies (no more emergency dish-soap runs!) Plus, fully-furnished units and one all-inclusive price takes the stress out of moving. While natives rant and rave about the Columbia Heights neighborhood, it is an especially prime location for newcomers. Here’s why Columbia Heights is the ideal neighborhood for new D.C. residents.

Location, location, location

With its breathtaking architecture, sprawling greenspaces, and rich history, Columbia Heights always makes you feel like you’re right where you need to be. But, if you need to get out and see all that D.C. has to offer, the neighborhood’s central location makes that as painless and possible. Both Common Euclid and Common Monroe are short walks from the metro station: your gateway to D.C. Just two miles from the National Mall, our D.C. homes are also the ideal destination for those relocating to join the new administration. Whether you’re a newbie or a lifer, Columbia Heights is the perfect place to be in D.C.

A true melting pot

Given its status as a place where people of all personalities, ideologies, and walks of life come together, it’s no secret that Washington D.C. is diverse. That diversity is turned up a notch, though, in Columbia Heights. The neighborhood’s rich Latin history is demonstrated through the wide array of cultural institutes — like the Mexican Cultural Institute and GALA Hispanic Theatre — while Columbia Heights’ European-inspired architecture further adds to its cultural richness. As more and more people are discovering this one-of-a-kind neighborhood, it should only become more eclectic in the years to come.

Eats and treats

Washington D.C. is undoubtedly a foodie destination, but Columbia Heights showcases some of the best — and most authentic — restaurants and bars that D.C. has to offer. From the mind of James Beard winning chef Tom Cunanan, Bad Saint is a must try for authentic and exploratory Filipino cuisine in a comfortable setting. For top-notch tacos and marvelous margaritas, El Chucho is the best deal in D.C., and their elote just might be some of the best on the East Coast. Columbia Heights’ bars are as diverse and abundant as its people, ranging from charming dives to swanky, intimate cocktail spots. New to the area but want to feel like a lifelong resident? Try Left Door, a speakeasy-style “secret” spot that is sure to wow visitors.

Dreaming of D.C.?


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Columbia Heights is one of Washington D.C.’s most coveted neighborhoods, and for good reason. Its diverse mixture of cultural identities makes it one of the most unique and heterogenous neighborhoods in the country, and its proximity to so many other iconic D.C. neighborhoods makes it an ideal place to live. Ready to start your life in Columbia Heights? Start by exploring our home in the neighborhood,  Common Monroe, and see how sweet life in D.C. can be.

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