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Crown Heights vs. Bed-Stuy: Which Brooklyn neighborhood is right for you?


Manhattan may be the “big city,” but Brooklyn has become the go-to destination for domestic bliss without sacrifice. New bars, restaurants, parks and shops are constantly popping up in the borough, and its neighborhoods are beginning to take on personalities as diverse as the people that live in them.

Though big-name neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Dumbo have long been sought after, two burgeoning Brooklyn neighborhoods are just as deserving of hype: Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy. Crown Heights blends its eclectic character with old-school charm and its vibrant collection of happening hotspots has made it a new favorite. Bed-Stuy, on the other hand–with its rich history, diverse culture, and quintessential New York scenery–is constantly evolving, making it an ideal place to make your home if you enjoy watching your neighborhood grow with you.

We love both of these Brooklyn neighborhoods, which is why we’ve opened a number of coliving homes in each which offer amenities like on-site laundry, WiFi, and fully furnished spaces at a competitive rate. Living at Common is a surefire way to get the most out of life in these coveted neighborhoods, but choosing between them might prove to be more challenging. So, Crown Heights or Bed-Stuy? Which Brooklyn neighborhood is right for you? We’re here to help you find out.

Crown Heights

Highlights: This up-and-coming neighborhood is perfect for those who are always looking for the next hot spot, but also yearn for a slice of old New York. With all there is to discover in this neighborhood, dull days are hard to come by.

Crown Heights blends the old with the new better than almost any other neighborhood. Its neighborhood perennials, like the cooler-than-cool Little Zelda coffee shop, are set alongside fourth-wave newcomers like the airy Cafe Cotton Bean. Similarly, neighborhood newcomers like King Tai, breathe fresh life into existing spaces. The bar, once a Chinese-American restaurant in a former life, now attracts visitors across the entire borough with its bright, Art-Deco-inspired interior and delectable drinks.

Beyond the coffee shops and bars, perhaps one of the biggest perks of living in Crown Heights is the proximity to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum, both of which are a short jaunt from one of our Crown Heights homes, Common Sterling. The old, new, and everything in between exist in perfect harmony in Crown Heights.

Common homes:


Highlights: Historic streets with built-in tree canopies, brownstone stoops straight from a movie scene, and a near-endless supply of bars and restaurants, Bed-Stuy is for celebrating history while writing your own.

The Bed-Stuy neighborhood is quite likely what comes to mind when you imagine a Brooklyn street–whether you know it or not. Beautiful brownstones and lush, tree-lined streets hardly scratch the surface, as this iconic neighborhood is a central part of Brooklyn’s history. The neighborhood, a long-standing hub for Brooklyn’s Black community, is home to a number of institutions dedicated to the exploration–and celebration–of Black contributions to culture, such as the Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art.

The neighborhood is one of New York’s most diverse, hosting a number of cultural identities which are best expressed through its ever-evolving cuisine. From Filipino-TexMex purveyors, Swell Dive, to the Nando’s-esque Peri Peri Grill House, there’s eats for everyone in Bed-Stuy. One of our Bed-Stuy coliving homes, Common Hancock, is located in the heart of Bed-Stuy, and living there means you’ll have around-the-clock access to all that this legendary neighborhood has to offer.

Common homes:

The choice is yours

Is your mind made up, or is it still a tossup? Choosing between two of Brooklyn’s best neighborhoods can be tough, but you can rest assured that when your decision is made there will be a Common home waiting for you. Start exploring any of our eight homes between the two neighborhoods, and discover the best way to live in Brooklyn: your way.

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