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A student’s guide to living and studying in Brookland, Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. perfectly exemplifies the melting pot that is the United States. D.C.’s neighborhoods are as diverse as its demographic, and each one has its own unique charm and advantages. Neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and Georgetown are iconic for their importance to American history and impressive higher education institutes, respectively. One D.C. neighborhood, though, has remained under-the-radar despite having its fair share of diverse restaurants and legendary local haunts: Brookland.

Brookland is situated northeast of both Georgetown and Capitol Hill, and is home to the Catholic University of America. While unsurprisingly student-centered, the neighborhood is also home to an abundance of D.C.’s hidden gems. We chose this if-you-know-you-know college neighborhood as the site of our upcoming D.C. home, Common Perry, which is the best way to get the most out of living in this unique neighborhood. Here’s a student’s guide to Brookland.

Finals fuel

Whether it’s to jump-start the day (any class before 9AM can be downright brutal) or for a lift between afternoon lectures, coffee is undoubtedly a student’s best friend. Close to the Catholic University of America is a Starbucks Reserve, where the global coffee house showcases some of their most potent potions. With seasonal specials to suit every mood, their drinks are sure to keep you motivated from syllabus week to finals week. Closer to Common Perry is Zeke’s Coffee, a local favorite and a perfect pitstop on the way to class. Their Brookland location is also their roastery, so freshness is guaranteed.

Historic study spots

Whether you need a quiet place to study, want to go for a walk to clear your head, or just need some fresh air, Fort Bunker Hill provides an excellent refuge from school stresses–and stuffy university libraries. History majors (and history buffs alike) will appreciate the park’s role in American History, and every student will cherish the block of greenery only a short walk from Common Perry.

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Legendary eats

While Brookland certainly flies below the radar, students from every D.C. neighborhood flock to the neighborhood for Busboys and Poets. Undoubtedly Brookland’s greatest export, this ultra-cool bookstore/coffee shop/study spot/restaurant is the local go-to for, well, everything. Located just off of CUA’s campus and only a short jaunt from Common Perry, Busboys and Poets is sure to become your home away from home. For special occasions, though (like another successful semester in the books!), be sure to pay Primrose a visit. Their elevated atmosphere and delicious dishes have helped to elevate Brookland’s status as a foodie neighborhood, and it’s guaranteed to wow visiting friends and family.

Shop local

Students are always on the go, and there’s nothing worse than running late for class and having to rely on a vending machine snack for your breakfast. Trust us: we’ve all been there. Running late for class is bound to happen at one point or another, so your best bet is to keep your apartment stocked with quick, easy, and healthy snacks. Yes! Organic Market is a D.C. mainstay, and is only a few blocks from Common Perry. Though their selection can teeter on pricey, avoiding the university’s cafeteria and vending machines is bound to save you money in the long run.

It’s high-time to check out this low-key neighborhood

While not nearly as prominent as some of Washington D.C.’s more big-name neighborhoods, Brookland certainly has its fair share of hidden gems and pilgrimage-worthy destinations. Students living at Common Perry will have these gems–and countless others–at their fingertips, in addition to the numerous luxury amenities that living at Common provides.

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