How much does it cost to furnish an apartment?


Answering the question, “How much does it cost to furnish an apartment?”

Congratulations on moving into a new apartment! It’s a very exciting time, but it can also be an incredibly expensive time. Not only do you have to consider your security deposit, monthly rent, and utilities, but you also need to think about the cost of furnishing your new space. That is unless you’re lucky enough to be moving into a furnished apartment. These costs can add up quickly. This is especially true if you’re moving out of your parent’s house and you don’t have much functional furniture for living on your own.

If you’re asking the question, “How much does furniture cost for a new apartment?” you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what you should budget for apartment furniture and ways you can drop the cost of furnishing your space.

What do I need in each room of an apartment?

Whether you’re using home decor you picked up at a garage sale or an old furniture piece you have been dying to take out of your storage space, it is exciting to furnish even a super small apartment! But if you’ve signed a lease or you’re moving into short-term rental (there is truly a subtle art to learning how to find short-term rentals), you might be thinking that you don’t need much to furnish your apartment. After all, don’t you only need a bed, a sofa to sit on, and a TV? While these basics are important, they aren’t the only things you’ll need to live comfortably in your new apartment.

Let’s go room by room, starting with the living room. Even if you aren’t into interior design, you’re still probably going to want more than just the basics. For example, if you have a TV, you’ll probably want to buy a TV stand. Otherwise, your neck might get sore from looking down to watch all your favorite shows and movies. Plus, keeping your TV on the floor isn’t exactly the safest option.

In addition to a TV and stand, you’ll also want to invest in a couch or a loveseat, and maybe an accent chair. Your apartment should be a place where you can relax, and a comfy place to sit makes it easier to kickback. Speaking of which, we recommend investing in a coffee table. Not only is it a place to set a drink, but it can also be a place to kick up your feet.

Moving to your kitchen and dining room, you’ll want to have a dining table and chairs. Sure, you can eat on the couch. However, sometimes you might want to eat somewhere a little more formal, especially if you’ll be entertaining others in your space.

Additionally, your apartment’s kitchen will likely come with basic appliances, but you’ll still need to purchase items like pots, pans, plates, and silverware. Not to mention, you may also want to have certain small appliances in your kitchen like a blender or an Instant Pot.

As for your bedroom, you’ll obviously want a bed, which may consist of a bed frame, a box spring, and a mattress. You’ll also need other bedroom furnishings that range from bedding and pillows to a dresser and a nightstand. Consider that you might need to buy double these items if you need bedroom furniture for a master bedroom and a guest room.

Your bathroom might not seem like it needs much, but you will want to buy a few basics. For example, you’ll at least need towels, washcloths, a shower curtain, and a plunger. You might also want to purchase items like a shower caddy and a bathmat to make your bathroom more comfortable and organized. 

With so many of us working from home, you might also want to set up a home office space. This can be as simple as a desk and an office chair in the corner of your living room or bedroom. Just make sure you have enough lighting and space for your computer.

Once you add in other extras like a rug, a floor lamp, and accent pieces, the cost of buying new furniture and home décor can add up quickly. With all these items, how much does it cost to furnish a whole apartment?

How much does it cost on average to furnish an apartment?

It can be difficult to come up with an average cost because so many different factors can influence it. For example, the cost of living in a city is often very different from the cost of living in the suburbs or a rural area. Additionally, the square footage of your space can also influence the cost of furnishing an apartment. After all, it’s not nearly as expensive to furnish a small studio apartment as it is to make a three-bedroom apartment feel like home.

Considering all these variations, estimates suggest that it could cost between $3,000 and $5,500 to purchase the essentials for a new unfurnished apartment. While this is quite a range, it considers the fact that the cost of every piece of furniture can vary.

If this seems like a lot of money to spend, you aren’t wrong. Thankfully, there are some ways to drop the cost of apartment furnishing. You just need to know where to look for a great deal and how to be a smart shopper while you’re there.

How do you furnish an apartment on a budget?

It’s always possible to buy apartment furniture on a budget. The key is knowing the places to visit to snag a bargain. If you don’t mind buying used furniture, you’re in luck because there are tons of places to get it. While most of the items have been used, many of them are high-quality furniture pieces. Best of all, they’re available for a fraction of the price of new furnishings.

Your first stop should be your local thrift store. The selection changes almost daily, so it’s important to visit early and often to find the best treasures for your apartment. You can furnish almost every room in your apartment using thrift store furniture. For example, you can snag a couch, TV, dresser, or a dining table with chairs.

Yard sales and garage sales are also great places to snag a deal on cheap furniture pieces. Because you’ll be buying directly from the original owner, you can ask questions about each piece, and best of all, you can often work with the owner to negotiate a lower price.

You might also want to make your way to a flea market. Visiting one or more flea markets can help you find everything from cheap furniture to one-of-a-kind home accents and art pieces. If you’re willing to do a little searching, you can discover amazing home decor finds that would make even an interior designer jealous.

However, keep in mind that there are some things you should always buy new. Your bed is a great example. In fact, many states don’t allow the sale of used mattresses. Even if your state does, it’s often best to visit an affordable furniture store such as IKEA to buy new. That way you don’t have to worry about bringing home bedbugs with your new used mattress.

How can I furnish my apartment for $1,000?

Visiting places like flea markets and garage sales can help you drop the cost of furnishing your apartment. However, you may have a limited budget of $1,000 or even less. If this is the case, you can often stay within your home furnishing budget by following a few other tips.

Reach out to friends and family members to see if they’re looking to get rid of any furniture or home essentials. If they are, you can offer to take it off their hands. Many people will be happy to help you because it gets the item out of their home and into the hands of someone who can use it.

Another great way to save is by purchasing furniture that can do double duty. For example, a futon might not be fancy, but it can serve as both a couch and a bed. Additionally, a dining set can be the place where you eat and where you work on your laptop.

We also recommend thinking about what you really need when renting an apartment for the first time. While items like a bed and bath towels are must-haves, things like wall art and accent rugs can be added to your apartment when you have more money saved up.

Finally, if you have a limited budget for furniture, consider finding a furnished rental. A furnished property comes with the furniture you’ll need for everyday life. Some rentals come with even more than that.

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