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3 easy Bay Area day trips to take with roommates


If you’re like us, quarantine has allowed you to get a little too familiar with your neighborhood. From memorizing which restaurants deliver after dark to mapping out the most scenic blocks during golden hour, we now know our neighborhoods better than ever. With temperatures rising and many parts of California gradually opening back up, however, we think it might be time to (safely) get out and explore.

Residents of our San Francisco homes are undoubtedly familiar with their charming neighborhoods and all that they have to offer. In addition to Common’s many comforts–like free WiFi, regular professional cleanings, and onsite laundry–community events hosted by Common make it easier than ever to meet new people. When you and your new friends are ready to hit the open road, here are three easy and memorable Bay Area day trips to take.

For the green thumbs

Whether being mostly indoors for the last year has you feeling claustrophobic, or you’re looking for an unforgettable Bay Area experience (or both!), we’ve got you covered. Just over an hour from Common City Gardens, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is home to 40 acres of old-growth redwood trees–including a 1,500 year old, 277 foot tall redwood said to have wowed Theodore Roosevelt on his trip through the park. In addition to redwoods, the park’s 4,650 acres of open forest allow for fishing, swimming, hiking, and even horseback riding. Being fully immersed in lush greenery might feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but living at Common City Gardens gives you an excuse to make this trip more than once.

For the true crime obsessed

While this trip might not be for everyone, history buffs and those with a morbid curiosity should add this day trip to their list. Offering 2 ½ hour walking tours through the facilities, Alcatraz Island transports visitors back in time as they explore the former military fort and maximum security prison. During daytime, natural light streams in through the facility windows and the beautiful gardens that occupy the grounds are on full display. Under the cover of darkness, however, the mood shifts for the spookier. Evening tours are available for the truly unafraid (or those looking for a scare) which includes a narrated boat tour around the island offering hazy-but-unforgettable views of San Francisco. Just a 20-minute trek from Common City Gardens, this quick trip is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For the more ambitious

Should you and the roommates absolutely need to get away, there’s no better place to do it than Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Just under a two-hour drive from Common, this day trip is well worth an early start and a late return. Grab a coffee from Sextant before you enjoy this scenic drive through Northern California, and prepare for a whimsical day in this unique village. With a notable shopping district housing mall mainstays like Lush and Anthropologie as well as standalone small businesses, and a slough of art museums and antique stores, it’s easy to lose a day in Carmel-by-the-Sea. While it might be the most ambitious journey on our list, we’re positive you’ll want to make day trips to Carmel part of your routine.

Whether a 20 minute ferry ride across the bay or a 2 hour excursion through California’s redwoods, living at Common puts you in a prime position to take legendary day trips. Common’s attainable rates enable you to get the most out of San Francisco living. And with an added sense of community you won’t likely find elsewhere, Common feels even more like home.

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