Get to know local Los Angeles artist in action: Bijou Karman

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Get to know Local Artist in Action: Bijou Karman


Meet Bijou, an illustrator living in Los Angeles whose bright, colorful and vintage inspired work makes it difficult to not crack a smile. She loves to use her artistry as a tool to celebrate the self-expression of women and encourages her followers to stand out from the crowd.

We’re thrilled to feature Bijou’s work at Common Beverly as part of Local Art in Action, a program that looks to unite the communities within our homes with the communities around them. Continue reading to learn more about Bijou, her art, her favorite L.A. spots, and her passion for celebrating self-expression.

Get to know Bijou Karman

How did you first start making art and where do you get inspiration from?

I’ve always made art since I was a little kid, but honestly don’t remember exactly when I started! I was most likely encouraged to pick up a marker and paper by my parents, who are both creative. Nowadays, I regularly find inspiration in the native plants around me when I take my daily walks around LA. I also love to look at vintage textiles, artworks, and fashion for a further spark of inspiration.

How would you describe your work?

Vintage, fashion, and color! Rather than empowering women, I think my work celebrates women and our self-expression. I am naturally drawn to portraying women who want to stand out.

How has connecting with your local L.A. community influenced your art?

Connecting with other local artists and illustrators has helped me with my confidence. Everyone has their own specialty and their own style to their work, and most people are friendly and supportive. It’s helped me feel confident in being myself and following what I love creating, because I have my own unique place in the community.

What’s your favorite local spot in your neighborhood?

There’s a package-free grocery store just down the street from me in Highland Park called re_ that I’m obsessed with! You refill your own jars and containers with natural household products and organic foods in order to eliminate single use plastics.

Some fun stuff!

What’s your favorite place?

My studio when I’m in the zone and really enjoying working on a painting.

What’s your ideal Saturday?

I sleep in, make healthy pancakes, take my dog for a long walk, and read or paint for the rest of the day.

Who would be your dream roommate?

A younger Sofia Coppola comes to mind, because our place would be so chic, we’d have the best guests over, and she would show me everything cool!

What upcoming project are you most excited about?

Right now I’m looking forward to my upcoming show at Nucleus Portland, which opens May 8th.

You can learn more about Bijou and explore her work by visiting her website or following her on Instagram. And discover your own Los Angeles community when you move int our new coliving home in Hancock Park, Common Beverly. Rent starts at $1,575/month and includes furnishings, WiFi, utilities, beautiful amenity spaces, discounts to local and national brands, and more. Book a tour today!

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