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20 best restaurants in Little Havana


If you’re in the Miami, Florida area, you can’t miss a stop in the prominent community of Little Havana. Considered by many as the heartbeat of Miami’s Cuban population, it’s a vibrant area loaded with Latin-culture and Latin-inspired places to eat delicious food, all centered around the thoroughfare of Calle Ocho. 

Besides the food, you’ll find all kinds of other fun things to do in Little Havana, as it is considered one of the best places to live in Miami.  But, when you’re hungry, where to eat is the question of the day! Below are 20 of the best restaurants in Little Havana, Miami you will find.


Versailles is arguably the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world, so it’s only fair we open our list with it. This restaurant gives you the best of both worlds by combining the beautiful design and aesthetic of the Palace of Versailles in France with classic Cuban cuisine. It’s a restaurant that’s favored not just by tourists, but also by the local community. Some of their most well-loved dishes include Croquettes and Paella. 


Edukos is a Venezuelan restaurant that happens to be famous for its eclectic menu. The gastro pub serves unexpected dishes that cater to any and all dietary requirements and restrictions. Some of the best dishes at Edukos include Tequenos, garden tacos that are made with tofu and eggplant, as well as buffalo chicken-filled empanadas. 

La Camaronera 

This eatery started off as a small-scale seafood shop but eventually grew into one of the most iconic seafood joints in Little Havana. 

La Camaronera is a wholesale seafood and fish shop, with a menu that offers amazing choices, at amazing prices, such as Corvina steak and fried shrimp. However, the most iconic and popular dish at La Camaronera is their Pan Con Minuto, which is fried snapper fish sandwiched between Cuban bread buns. 

Pinolandia Fritanga

Pinolandia Fritanga offers visitors a classic Nicaraguan experience. The location is designed with a cafeteria-style vibe, and it’s open 24 hours a day. Although the line may be a little long sometimes, their delicious Queso Frito, Carne Asada, Platano Maduros, and Gallo Pinto are well worth the wait.

Taqueria Viva Mexico

If you’re looking for street-style Mexican food in Little Havana, Taqueria Viva Mexico is the place for you. It stands out among the many Mexican food restaurants placed in Little Havana largely due to its affordable and delicious tacos. They not only offer classic chicken tacos, but also tripe or Lengua tacos for those who may be a little more adventurous. 

Los Altos Miami 

This is the place to go to in Little Havana if you are a fan of Mezcal or Agave. It’s a speakeasy that offers an aesthetically pleasing venue, with the ambiance determined by their live music performances. Los Altos has a full bar with a variety of spirits and cocktails to cater to everyone’s tastebuds and simply isn’t a place you want to skip! 

Taquerias El Mexicano 

Considered the ‘it’ place for Mexican food along the famous Calle Ocho, Taquerias El Mexicano is a go-to spot for Miami culinary tours and locals alike. The tacos are made with delicious salsa and tortillas, all made from scratch. They have also recently launched a brunch menu that includes Mexican pizza as a delicious addition! 

Doce Provisions 

Doce Provisions is like stepping into a tropical garden featuring authentic Cuban food with a twist. The mix of flavors offered in this restaurant are one of a kind. The best thing to order at Doce Provisions is the Lechon Asado buns with sour orange-achiote, grilled pineapple confit, paired with Aji Amarillo. Another popular choice, and Cuban classic, is the sweet fried Plantain waffles with Guava, pickled peppers, and sriracha honey. 

El Exquisito

Although most restaurants in Little Havana stick to one type of food––for example Cuban or American or Japanese cuisine––El Exquisito doesn’t follow that particular trend. 

Serving both American and Cuban cuisine, this Little Havana restaurant merges both to create something new and unique. Some examples of the dishes El Exquisito boasts include their Cuban-inspired New York steak or their amazing Plantain omelet. Really, when ya know, ya know! 

Café La Trova

Café La Trova was established and is run by a trio of names. These include  James Beard award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein, chef and restauranteur David Martinez (her husband), and Julio Cabrera who is quite famous for his cocktails. 

It’s a restaurant that offers classic Cuban cuisine in style, making comfort food look like a fancy dish. The live music is an added bonus and just serves to make the entire experience all the more enjoyable.  

Sanpocho Restaurant

Located inside a small shopping center on the main street of Little Havana, Calle Ocho, the Sanpocho restaurant is a Colombian eatery. Some must-haves from the Sanpocho menu include their to-die-for Picada platter. 

It features a platter full of a variety of meats, empanadas, potatoes, and arepas–– essentially a whole fried fish served with rice and beans. Due to the serving sizes, Sanpocho is a restaurant best experienced with a group, unless you’re superhuman and can tuck away more food than the average Joe. 

Ahi Sushi Miami 

You might not think so, but Little Havana isn’t all about Cuban and Mexican food. At Ahi Sushi Miami, you can find the best sushi you’ll probably ever have in your life. We say that with all sincerity. It’s a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine, obviously, including sushi and sashimi. 

Due to the food quality and the overall experience, it can be hard to get a spot in the restaurant without pre-booking though, which should tell you a little something about how good it is.

Sanguich De Miami 

The biggest attraction of Sanguich De Miami is that everything on the menu is prepared in-house. That includes all the fillings, condiments, toppings, and more. 

The most popular dishes from the Sanguich De Miami menu are the Pan Con Bistec, which is exactly as fancy as it sounds, featuring Cuban bread filled with thin slices of steak, fried string potatoes, and Fontana cheese, as well as their good old classic Cuban sandwich. 

El Rey De Las Fritas 

Your visit to Little Havana isn’t complete or properly fulfilling if you don’t visit El Rey De Las Fritas at least once. This restaurant serves El Rey, affectionately called the King of Fritas, which is a Cuban take on the classic burger. 

For El Rey, the patty is made with a mix of ground beef and chorizo, and is served between a soft bun, and topped with crispy potato strings. They offer a variety of condiments and additions to cater to your tastes. Just don’t forget to pair it with a Mamey shake, or you’re totally missing out! 

Lung Yai Thai Tapas 

Just like sushi, Thai Tapas is an unexpected pleasure you won’t want to miss experiencing in Little Havana. However––again like Ahi Sushi Miami––the restaurant does experience long waitlists each day. Because of this, the chef gives strict instructions that people must come prepared to order directly upon arrival, without wasting any time. A little militant? Sure. Does it work? Clearly!

Azucar Ice Cream Company

No meal is complete without dessert, and that’s where the Azucar Ice Cream Company comes in. They offer a variety of classic and unique pairings that bring together traditional ice cream with Cuban flavor. 

The Azucar Ice Cream Company menu features Mamey, passion fruit, rum-spiked, flan, and a variety of other unique flavors you wouldn’t automatically associate with ice cream, but nevertheless is wholly delectable! 

El Cristo

El Cristo is known for its plating and serving, which is even better than the food. However, the food also tastes excellent and does leave you wanting for more, so they’re doing more than just one thing right! El Cristo serves breakfast (Cuban coffee, anyone?), lunch, and dinner, all in a beautiful and aesthetic setting. It’s also a popular option for catering. 

La Carreta 

La Carreta, which literally translates into oxcart in English, is inspired by the carts used to move sugar cane from the farms and plantations in Cuba, in the old days. La Carreta lives up to its name and transports you right into Cuban culture with its authentic and delicious cuisine. 


Terras is unique in that it’s the one and only rooftop restaurant and bar in all of Little Havana. The stunning setting on the rooftop is complemented by comfortable patio furniture and umbrellas for shade. They offer vegetarian food and cocktails that make the whole experience unique and utterly enjoyable. 

Sala’o Cuban Bar and Pescadería 

A nautical-themed restaurant inspired by one of Ernest Hemingway’s characters, you can’t leave Little Havana before stopping by this gem. To stay on-brand, Sala’o serves seafood that’s cooked and prepared in a classic Latino-style, including fried seafood and fish stews.

The restaurants in Little Havana offer a mix of both good food and a good atmosphere. So if you’re moving to the area soon, this list is some of the best of the best to enjoy on any occasion.

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