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How to spend a quiet day in Larchmont Village


Los Angeles, it seems, has everything. The city is home to world-class restaurants and a warm-but-temperate climate, and has recently emerged as one of the country’s shopping capitals. The pace of Los Angeles can be a major draw for many, but after a while, the charm starts to wear off and everyday life in L.A. can begin to feel like going the wrong way on a moving sidewalk.

Enter Larchmont Village. Larchmont, 25 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles, is a walkable haven in L.A. and home to historic bookstores, charming bungalows, and some foodie-favorite restaurants. Our Larchmont Village home, Common Elmwood, is just a short walk from North Larchmont Boulevard–which offers a taste of L.A. sans breakneck pace. Common Elmwood’s rates are fully inclusive, meaning members get onsite laundry, free WiFi, regular professional cleanings, and countless other amenities starting at $1,150 a month. While Common makes life in Larchmont Village even more peaceful, the neighborhood itself is pretty serene. Here’s how to spend a quiet day in Larchmont Village.

Sun salutation

Set the intention–and the pace–of the day with some breathing, meditation, and movement in Common Elmwood’s Wellness Room. A workout doesn’t have to break a sweat, and taking personal inventory can be a great tool for self-improvement. Once you’re centered, saunter over to Go Get Em Tiger for an iced green tea and some of the neighborhood’s best fresh-cut fruit. The city’s oldest independent bookstore, Chevalier’s Books, is just around the corner from GGET, and a stroll around the Larchmont Village institution is a perfect low-key activity. You can (finally) grab the book all your friends have been telling you to read, take a suggestion from one of Chevalier’s experts, or just soak in that unbeatable bookstore aroma while you sip your tea.

Shop slow

Whereas the shopping scene on Fairfax is frantic, Larchmont’s shopping district provides a much more mellow experience without sacrificing variety. Whether you’re shopping for some new home fragrances at Malin + Goetz or Dyptique, or assembling a charcuterie board at Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese, some of L.A.’s best shopping is just a short walk from Common Elmwood. Building on the morning’s exercises in mindfulness, stop for lunch at Larchmont hotspot Cafe Gratitude and gaze inward as you look over the menu. Grab us an I feel whole bowl while you’re at it?


After your affirmations (and maybe an I feel cosmic antioxidant latte for the road) head back to Common Elmwood and unwind in any way you please. Lounge on the sofa and read your new book courtesy of Chevalier’s Books, grab your charcuterie board and take it up to Common’s furnished rooftop for a panoramic sunset backdrop, or challenge your roommates and neighbors to a friendly board game in one of Elmwood’s many shared spaces. Living at Common means that you can end your quiet day on your terms.

Walk on the quiet side

Los Angeles is the city that has it all, and living in the Larchmont Village neighborhood affords you that same luxury without the frenetic pace. Common Elmwood’s marginally more attainable rates mean you can enjoy more of Larchmont for less, and Common members will have ample opportunity to explore the neighborhood–meaning quieter, more uneventful days inside or strolling around the neighborhood can be completely guilt-free.

Eager to live the Larchmont life? Explore our Larchmont Village home, and see how life in the City of Angels is made even more heavenly by Common.

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