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What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Oakland?


Check out our guide to the best neighborhoods in Oakland, CA

While some people swear that San Francisco and Los Angeles are the best cities in California, Oakland residents know that this city is a hidden gem. Located south of Berkeley and close to Silicon Valley, Oakland is a great place to live. Oakland’s neighborhoods offer great views of the San Francisco Bay Area, a lot of charm, amazing restaurants, and tons of fun things to do. However, each one is unique, so it can be difficult to decide which one you should call home in Alameda County.

If you need a little help deciding where you should move to in this large city, you can turn to our handy guide to Oakland’s neighborhoods. Read on to learn more about the best neighborhoods for finding apartments in Oakland, CA.

Downtown Oakland

The first place to mention when discussing Oakland neighborhoods is Downtown Oakland. This city has been around since the 1850s, and you’ll find tons of historic architecture, including great examples of Art Deco style.

Apart from having some of the best restaurants in Oakland, the downtown area is a melting pot. It’s a place where you find a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds. This diversity also extends to the types of shops and restaurants you’ll find in the area, from the African American Museum and Library to the iconic Parisian fountain in the park. You’ll find it’s easy to get around here, thanks to the BART station at 12th Street and City Center. 


When you visit Fruitvale, you’ll discover many 1920s bungalows and mission revivals. Not only that, but this small neighborhood is also home to many first- and second-generation Mexican Americans. Here, you’ll find plenty of delicious Mexican bakeries and restaurants on International Blvd, which is the area’s main drag. 

The neighborhood’s residents are very proud of their culture and heritage. As a result, they host incredible events for Día de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo that bring the community together.

Grand Lake

Since the 1860s, Grand Lake has been a beautiful neighborhood that offers gorgeous lake views. The buildings range from Art Deco masterpieces to 1950s flats, and the residents include young families, fitness fanatics, foodies, and musicians.

As one of the best neighborhoods in the area and close to Piedmont, Grand Lake offers some of the most fun things to do in Oakland. You can enjoy some retail therapy, take in a movie, and grab a bite to eat from one of the great restaurants. You can also jog, walk, or bike around Lake Merritt. If you’d prefer to be on the water, you can even rent a paddleboat.

Old Oakland

This historic neighborhood always makes the list of the best neighborhoods in Oakland. Founded in 1877, you can still find architectural gems from as far back as the 1880s. This means you’ll find plenty of beautifully preserved Victorian homes.

This neighborhood is filled with more than just beautiful buildings, as you’ll also discover indie retail shops and awesome restaurants that feature cuisine from around the world. You’ll find culinary delights from everywhere from Barbados and Mexico to Italy and Vietnam. Speaking of food, Old Oakland offers one of the neighborhood’s best farmers’ markets in the East Bay on Friday nights.


Temescal has become an Oakland neighborhood that is synonymous with cool. Everyone from young families to young grads from the nearby California College of the Arts love this area, including its main strip on Telegraph Avenue. It’s also known for embracing LGBTQ+ residents and visitors.

The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of buildings that range from pre-war duplexes to Victorian homes, which add to its charm. The hottest spot to visit is Temescal Alley, which is known for its shops and eateries that cater to hipster tastes. Nature lovers also love relaxing by beautiful Lake Temescal, which offers a respite from city living.

Uptown Oakland

This large neighborhood is popular among students, artists, hipsters, tech lovers, and even empty nesters. Uptown Oakland was founded in the 1900s, and it still has many of the amazing buildings from this time, including many Art Deco gems.

Uptown Oakland is one of the hottest and best neighborhoods in town. It’s known as the arts and entertainment district of the city, thanks to the presence of the Fox and Paramount theaters as well as its art galleries in brick warehouses. You’re sure to see some brilliant shows or score unique art in this neighborhood.

One of these Oakland neighborhoods could be your new home

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