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Common’s Guide to Seattle



Welcome to Seattle! This sea-port city — both the largest in both Washington and the Pacific NorthWest — is known for many things: it’s booming tech scene, the iconic Space Needle, a vibrant LGBTQ+ community, beautiful houseboats, the birth of the grunge scene, and its infamous rainy weather.

Whether you’re new to Seattle or have called this beautiful city home since way before the Seahawks had a SuperBowl title, this guide is your go-to for an inside look at the city’s best neighborhoods, local businesses, attractions, and of course, places to live.


You can know every fun-fact and demographic about a city, but if you aren’t familiar with its neighborhoods, you’ll have a hard time finding a home that aligns with your lifestyle and what you want from your experience in the city. Seattle is home to 78 different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and benefits.

Enjoy summer days on the lake in the aptly named Green Lake, swimming and paddle boating, stay up late and listen to indie bands at the Crocodile (where Nirvana first placed) in Belltown, embrace classic Seattle in Queen Anne with visits to the Space Needle and other iconic Seattle sights, or explore independent bookstores, trendy restaurants, and the heart of Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community in Capitol Hill.

Things to do, see, and experience

Ask anyone what there is to do in Seattle, and you’re bound to get enough answers to fill your weekends for at least the next year. You can always start with the classics, like Pike Place Market, well-known across Instagram for its famous neon sign and well-loved across Seattle for its dining options that include everything from Italian to the world’s freshest fish. You could also take advantage of Seattle’s natural beauty. Not only does the skyline offer gorgeous views of nearby Mount Rainier, but the city is also packed with plenty of greenspace, including 534 acres of seaside beauty and 12 miles of hiking at gorgeous Discovery Park. Or you could simply set out in a new neighborhood, and like in any great city, discover it through a day of walking, shopping, eating, and exploring by foot.

Meet your neighbors

Making new friends in a new city (or even just as an adult) can be a time-consuming and frankly, exhausting project. Luckily, city living makes it just a bit easier to meet people with like minded interests, and Seattle is no exception. Whether you’re the brave soul that wouldn’t mind striking up a conversation with someone in your yoga class, or you need a little extra push through a dedicated group or club, you can find plenty of opportunities to meet new people and friends.

Hundreds of Seattle residents call Common home, and each of them has their own story to tell.

Where to make your home

Now that you’ve fallen in love with Seattle, are an expert in its neighborhoods, nooks, and crannies, and have your itinerary for your first weekend in the city ready to go, your next mission is to find a place you love coming home to at the end of the day. Common makes it easy with our network of renter-friendly homes across the city. Alongside a beautiful, private apartment, renting with Common gives you access to a built-in community, exclusive events, discounts to local and national brands, and so much more.


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