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Studio vs. 1 Bedroom Apartment: What’s the Difference?


As you start apartment hunting, you’ll quickly notice that there are two main types: studio vs. 1 bedroom apartments. Not everyone understands the difference between these similar yet unique living space options. So, when it comes to a studio versus one bedroom, how do they stack up?

Our team has created a helpful guide to break down the differences when you’re considering a studio apartment vs. a 1 bedroom apartment. Read on to learn how they differ and how to determine which type of apartment is the best for you.

Studio vs. 1 bedroom: A quick overview

There are a few differences between a studio apartment (also known as an efficiency apartment) and a one bedroom apartment floor plan. You’ll find that the biggest one is the difference in the sizes of these apartment types.

  • Studio apartments typically range from 300 to 400 square feet of open space
  • One bedroom apartments are about 700 to 1,000 square feet
  • A multi-bedroom apartment has even more living space

However, there’s more to consider than just the square footage when comparing the two. A studio is more than just a small apartment. This apartment type also has a different layout. While a studio apartment will typically have a separate bathroom, it does not have a separate bedroom. That’s right, the sleeping area and the living room are both in the same small space.

Some studio apartments also have a separate space for the kitchen, and some even contain a dining room of sorts in the kitchen area. However, other studios just have a kitchenette in the main open space.

Diving deeper into studio apartments

Studio apartments tend to be more common in larger cities where space is limited and the cost of living is higher. Saying goodbye to a bedroom door and hello to living in a smaller space is a great way for people to save money. Some people even find that they prefer living in a single room because they find the simplicity to be relaxing. If you learn how to furnish a studio apartment strategically, you can really maximize the space.

Here are some of the pros and cons of living in a studio apartment vs. a 1 bedroom apartment.

  • Pro: You save money on rent so that you can spend it on other things like going out, shopping, and traveling.
  • Con: You give up having extra space because you have less square footage and your apartment’s bedroom area is in the same place as your living area.
  • Pro: You don’t have to share the apartment space with a roommate because the cost is more affordable than sharing a multi-bedroom apartment.
  • Con: Storage can be difficult because studio apartments don’t often contain much closet space or extra space for storage.
  • Pro: Studios give you an opportunity to be more creative with furniture and décor. For example, you can take advantage of high ceilings to put in a loft bed.

 Taking a closer look at one bedroom apartments

A single bedroom apartment is also a popular choice among people who choose to rent their home. Although you typically pay a bit more in rent each month, you get a larger apartment that comes with separate rooms and often additional amenities that you may not find in a studio.

  • Pro: You have a larger space so your apartment is less likely to feel cramped and you can spread out more.
  • Con: The extra space typically means that you’ll be paying more for your monthly apartment rent.
  • Pro: A one bedroom apartment often comes with more storage space and bigger closets than you’ll find in a studio.
  • Con: Having a larger space also means that you have more to clean and maintain, which can be hard if you have a busy life.
  • Pro: Because you have separate rooms for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and separate kitchen, it’s easier to see each area as a separate space.

Studio vs. 1 bedroom: You can have either at Common

Whether you want to live in a shared suite with roommates or you’re looking for more space with a one or two bedroom rental, we can help you find a coliving space or a single apartment.

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