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Best Jersey City Restaurants


Over the past twenty years, Jersey City’s food scene has exploded. From Thai to Mexican to Lebanese, multicultural influences have elevated this city to a diverse and innovative foodie paradise. With regional and national praise, Jersey City is slowly rivaling the restaurant scene of its Manhattan neighbor.

So whether you’re looking for an Indian restaurant or in the mood for Italian food, you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your tastebuds. From seafood to pasta to salad, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, Jersey City’s got it all. Or maybe you’re feeling happy hour bites and a drink at one of the many Jersey City bars.

New to town and hungry to explore?  We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Jersey City, NJ for foodies of all flavors.


People of Latinx heritage form over 28% of Jersey City’s population—and it shows in the town’s food culture.1 From authentic tacos to contemporary twists, Jersey City restaurants have an impressive (and affordable) pan-Latin collection centered around the Historic Downtown and East Hilltop.

La Brujeria

Once a gas station shop, now a local favorite, La Brujería serves quintessential and authentic Mexican cuisine. Fill up on corn-flour tacos, tortas, or the astounding entomatadas (stuffed tortillas with cream, queso, avocado, and meat). Colorful murals and picnic tables add to the casual yet neighborly vibe. 

Must-try dishes:

  • Lamb Birria tacos
  • Chorizo and egg burrito
  • Pork milanesa torta

Taqueria Downtown

Yes, this citywide favorite has notoriously long lines. But we promise it’s worth the wait. Taqueria Downtown, located in one of the best neighborhoods in Jersey City, has served some of the city’s best tacos for years, from crispy pescado to traditional nopalitos (cactus). The simple menu also includes authentic Mexican fare like tostadas, sopes, and burritas at an affordable price. 

Must-try dishes:

  • Carnitas tacos
  • Bistec tacos
  • Pollo flautas

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Órale Mexican Kitchen

Want the deliciousness of Taqueria Downtown minus the wait? Hop over to Órale Mexican Kitchen, where you can snack on traditional dishes or updated twists like duck confit nachos and bone marrow tacos.2 The space’s Dia de Los Muertos decor creates a dining-out-worthy ambiance.

Must-try dishes:

  • Duck confit nachos
  • Enchilada Suiza
  • Customized guacamole 


Few know that Jersey City has one of the most robust South Asian dining scenes in the tri-state area. And for other Asian cuisines, the city has added acclaimed Japanese, Thai, and Filipino restaurants to the mix, mostly thanks to its diverse immigrant population. Nosh on noodles, naan, fried rice, and more at these Asian spots.


Head to Indian Square for some of the best restaurants in Jersey City—including Rasoi. This simple yet stunning restaurant serves authentic North Indian food alongside some Indo-Chinese favorites. Grab a plate of biryani and dig into a curry that’s both delicious and easy on the wallet. 

Must-try dishes:

  • Chili paneer
  • Chicken Vindaloo curry
  • Masala papad

Ani Ramen House

Emerging during Jersey City’s restaurant revival, Ani Ramen is the hip spot for its namesake dish. Pick from six different customizable ramen styles, each decked out with classic toppings like soft-boiled eggs, pork belly, and fish cakes. The location also caters to the nightlife crowd, with late hours and a back speakeasy that plays hip-hop hits.

Must-try dishes:

  • Ani Ramen classic bowl
  • Hennessy and pineapple ice cream
  • Kimchi buns

Philippine Bread House

Founded by a Manila native, Philippine Bread House has served authentic Pacific Islander baked goods to Jersey City natives for over 40 years.3 Tropical flavors like ube, mango, and coconut infuse their fresh pastries. And don’t forget their savory options like delicious oxtail stew and roasted pork.

Must-try dishes:

  • Ani Ramen classic bowl
  • Ensaymadas (cheesy yet sweet brioche rolls)
  • Halo-halo (crushed ice with toppings)

New American

“New American” can describe a wide range of delicious, modern recipes made with local, seasonal ingredients. And from stellar barbecue to fusion Euroasian cuisine, Jersey City’s New American restaurants are far above average, offering seafood, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

Sample the melting pot influences that define modern Jersey City at these eateries.

Hamilton Pork

For finger-licking barbecue above the Mason Dixon Line, head over to Hamilton Pork (right by its namesake Hamilton Park). This newer joint turns out classic barbecue dishes with style, from pulled pork sandwiches to brisket to coleslaw. Grab a napkin and dig in.

Must-try dishes:

  • Pulled pork
  • Burnt-end beans
  • Waffle ice cream sandwich

Kitchen Step

As a modern American restaurant, Kitchen Step sets itself apart with elegant spins on classic bistro fare. Fresh dishes like roasted artichoke hummus, basil ricotta gnocchi, and locally-caught mussels are sure to delight any crowd. Whether you sit inside the warmly lit dining area or opt for the outdoor dining experience, you’ll feel like you’re visiting a hip European cafe.

Must-try dishes:

  • Nutella swirl pancakes
  • Ricotta gnocchi
  • Prime flat iron steak

Razza Pizzeria

There’s nothing more Jersey than a tomato pie (or pizza to outsiders). And this American-Italian restaurant has held the Jersey City pizza crown for years—and for good reason.4 The lines might be long, but the gooey, thin, yet sumptuous Neapolitan pizzas paired with a cocktail from the bar are beyond worth waiting for.

Must-try dishes:

  • Appetizer bread & butter (it’s that good)
  • Burrata pizza pie
  • Fire-roasted meatballs

Enjoy Jersey City’s Best Restaurants

Delicious restaurants are just one of the perks that Jersey City residents can enjoy. A central location, speedy transportation, and beautiful views make this city a trending spot for young professionals and families!  If you need access to cities such as Manhattan or Newark, but you’re seeking a more singular locale, look no further than Jersey City. 

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