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Our community shares the local spots you’ll find them at daily


Have you ever wanted to walk into a coffee shop and tell the barista, “I’ll have my usual,” and they know exactly what it is? 

When living in cities that have so many great spots on every corner, becoming a usual at a local cafe, restaurant, or bar is easy! We spoke with our community about their favorite spots in their neighborhoods and if they’re a regular anywhere. 

Liza Boeri, Common’s Associate Sales Training Manager

Hi Liza! Do you have a favorite local spot to go to in Los Angeles?

My favorite local spot in Los Angeles is the Mar Vista Farmers Market. I like to go for fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also have delicious food stands! 

Are you a regular at any local coffee shop, restaurant, or store? 

Yes! Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Mar Vista. My go-to order is an iced matcha latte with oat milk. I usually go 3-4 times a week and sit out back on their patio. I have been going for the past 3 years!

Andrew, Common member 

Hi Andrew! Do you have a favorite local spot to go to in San Francisco?

I love going to FIsherman’s Wharf in San Francisco because there’s so much to do and it never gets old! Whenever I have any friends or family visiting, I like taking them to Boudin’s Bakery for a nice clam chowder bowl, Ghirardelli Square for a delicious hot fudge sundae, or Subpar Mini Golf for some mini-golf and boba. There are tons of tourist attractions there as well, so you can easily spend an entire day out there. I’ve been visiting there at least once a month for the past 8 months. 

Are you a regular at any local coffee shop, restaurant, store?

I’m a regular at the Pilsner Inn, a gay bar in the Castro District. My next-door neighbor  got a new job there as a bartender soon after he moved in, so I usually go out with my other neighbors for a quick drink. I usually get the Lemon Berry Mojito and hang out with him. They make awesome cocktails and have a renovated outdoor patio area. I’ve been going at least once every two weeks since June. 

Tilden Blair, Common’s Leasing Manager

What is your favorite local spot to go to in New York City and why?

My favorite local spot is Sunday to Sunday, in Lower East Side. I first stumbled upon this café, while out shopping with my girlfriend. We stopped in to get a bite to eat and some coffee. They have this ginger bacon fried rice that is to die for! Pair it with a cold brew or an espresso martini and you will be a happy camper. If you’re still hungry, they have a delicious chocolate chip cookie that is extremely underrated. 

Are you a regular at any local coffee shop, restaurant, store, etc?

I usually go to 456 New Shanghai Restaurant in Chinatown once a month, sometimes more. If you go, you have to get the soup dumplings. Beef with scallions is my go-to order, but honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with anything you choose here! They have really great lunch specials and deals as well!

These spots sound great! Becoming a regular in your community is easy when you’re a member at Common. As a member, you also have access to free and fun events that connect you with local businesses in your city. Explore our homes today and find your next favorite local spot.

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