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5 ways Common helps you get more for your rent


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Financial planners would suggest that rent be no more than 30% of your income before taxes, but even that number can still feel steep. If you can afford it, some buildings make up for this with luxury and money saving amenities: a fitness center to take the place of pricey gym memberships, free parking, and drop-off dry cleaning are just a few we’ve encountered. But for most renters, their monthly bill covers a roof over their head and heat and hot water — if they’re lucky. 

For being such a large percentage of your monthly expenses, rent doesn’t get you nearly as much as the cost would imply. Enter: Common. We’re a residential operator on a mission to make city living easier.  We create housing for how people actually want to live in big cities, and get you more for your rent in the process. Here’s how!

1. The amenities that matter

We wouldn’t complain if the apartments we lived in offered access to golf simulators, saunas, and pools (in fact we have a few Common homes with out-of-this-world amenities) — but while these spaces definitely bring added value, they’re not the ones that renters actually use the most. Not every Common home has an art and design library, but every Common home does have in-unit or on-site laundry, outdoor space (whether it’s a private balcony, backyard, or rooftop), and a community space for coworking, movie nights, and more. These amenities meaningfully expand the space of your “apartment” and can be enjoyed everyday. 

2. Discounts on everyday expenses

Do you ever feel like you can’t even step outside in your city without spending $30? In our mission to make city living easier, we’ve partnered with local and global brands to bring you discounts that make everything from grocery shopping to decorating your apartment that much cheaper. You’ll have opportunities to save money every day, with new exclusive discounts added every month.

3. Exclusive events

The best way to enjoy city life is to get out there and actually experience it! As a Common member, you’ll have access to amazing events around your city curated by our member experience team. Satisfy your sweet tooth with pastry making classes at a local bakery, explore your city’s natural habitats with guided hikes and picnic lunches, attend that buzzy play or musical with hard-to-find tickets, and more — it’s all included in your rent. 

And if you’re more of a party thrower than a party goer, we’re happy to help you with the funds to make it happen. Think brunches Downtown, Oscar viewing parties, and summer rooftop celebrations.

4. City living made easy at your fingertips

Throw out your checkbook, or at least put in a drawer for safekeeping somewhere. At Common, you can pay bills, make maintenance requests, and even meet other members through our easy to use Connect by Common app — the one-stop-shop for all things home. There, you’ll find chats for your home, city, and interests, our monthly list of events, and helpful information about your home and neighborhood. 

5. Seamless transfers

Time is money. And the apartment hunt takes a LOT of time. You’re probably familiar with the process: downloading PDFs of bank statements, chasing down past landlords for references, credit checks, background checks, and waiting by your phone or laptop for days, if not weeks, wondering if you even got the apartment you applied for. 

We aren’t fans of the process either, which is why we offer Common members seamless transfers to any of our homes in cities across the country. Enjoy winter on the west coast and summer on the east. Take advantage of remote work, or easily relocate for an exciting new job opportunity, without having to start all over again. When you move into a Common home, you know you’re getting the best value for your rent.

Ready to get more for your rent? Explore our network of open homes on our website or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on upcoming cities. 

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