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5 reasons why Common at The Reserve is Manhattan living at its best


Written by Tate Fox

Living in New York City is like living nowhere else in the world. Sure, there are striking skylines in Chicago and San Francisco. And Fort Lauderdale’s food scene is nothing to shake a stick at! But when you want to live at the intersection of culture, community, cuisine, and cool, you might soon find that only New York will do. 

You’ll also find that life at this coveted intersection comes at a price, and finding the right place to live out your #NYCDreams can be easier said than done. Fortunately, you can skip the doom scrolls on Zillow, awkward searches for random roommates, and moments of doubt as to whether this dream can be a reality. Common at The Reserve is city living at its best: best price, best vibes, and best backdrop to what is sure to be a story worth remembering.  

The truth is, there are so many reasons why Common at The Reserve is Manhattan living at its very best. So we’ll save you the time you could be spending enjoying NYC and tell you about just five of them.

NYC’s best, in your backyard

Perched above Central Park North, living at Common at The Reserve puts you within reach of all the reasons you moved to Manhattan in the first place: from food to fun, shopping to sights. Stay local and sit down for legendary soul food at Sylvia’s –– a neighborhood staple since 1962 –– or score a hot ticket for a show at the Apollo, the host venue to acts like The Supremes, John Lennon, and Mariah Carey. When you feel like getting out of the neighborhood, hop on the 4, 5, or 6 train at the (very) nearby 125th St station and trek to the lower tip of the island in fewer than 30 minutes. And when you feel like getting out of NYC altogether, the Metro-North is your ticket to upstate, Connecticut, and beyond. Don’t feel like braving the train? We’ve been there! Instead, trust your own two feet to take you to Central Park’s North Woods for bird-watching, people-watching, or weekend-enjoying in your personal oasis in the heart of the City. New York City’s best will be there whenever you’re ready for it.

Everyday luxury living

Survey time: How many of the apartments you’ve encountered on your search have screening rooms? A golf simulator? What about included high-speed wifi, utilities, and a never-depleting supply of household necessities? Common at The Reserve offers not only these luxury amenities but countless others –– including regular cleaning, in-unit laundry, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and sun-soaked outdoor terraces. Oh, and did we mention there’s even a wellness room complete with a sauna? Basically, if it’s on your “luxury living” mood board, Common at The Reserve has it. We sought out these amenities not just to make the building appealing to renters, but to make life better for Common members. Because for everything that is great about the City, daily life can come with sprints for the train, hunts for public restrooms, and scrambles for emergency umbrellas when afternoon thunderstorms arrive unexpectedly. So it’s all the more important that when you eventually make it home after a big day in The Big Apple, your four walls feel like paradise.

Your safe space

While it’s essential that Common members have access to the luxury amenities that make every day feel like a spa day, we also want members to feel secure in their shared space. Common at The Reserve was designed with security in mind, protecting the safety and privacy of members while creating a comfortable environment for members, visitors, and the community they come together to create. Features like keyless entry bring both safety and convenience to the membership experience, as do our on-site concierge and the building’s secure mailbox and package locker system. What’s more: Common at the Reserve is complete with secure bike storage and available parking, ensuring that your reliable transportation is as protected as you are. With these features and Common’s extensive luxury amenities, Common at The Reserve feels as much like a fortress as it does a palace.

Pay less in rent (and enjoy more of the City)

Manhattan’s many perks come at a cost, but you don’t have to settle for a shoebox to get some bang for your buck. Considering Common at The Reserve’s extensive list of luxury amenities (again, who else can say they have a golf simulator and a podcast studio in their Manhattan apartment?), its value becomes a bit of a no-brainer. And while having access to the building’s swath of creature comforts can make Common at The Reserve seem like a screaming deal, it’s really the life that can be lived all around you that makes it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Walk to Central Park, jog across town to Riverside Park, stroll down Museum Mile, or soak in the rich history of your neighborhood –– how you choose to live your NYC dream is up to you. But your options are abundant when you call Common at The Reserve home. And when you reflect on your time spent in Manhattan (whether it’s a year, a decade, or a lifetime) you’ll cherish the memories made right in your backyard. Take your pick from a private room in a shared, furnished coliving suite, or secure your own private 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom slice of the City. It’s your choice how you’ll decide to make these memories.  

Big-city perks, neighborhood vibes

Manhattanites (of the aspiring, soon-to-be, and card-carrying varieties) flock to the City for a near-infinite number of reasons. Maybe they saw New York as the playground for their favorite TV and film characters. Or as a living, breathing being in videos from their favorite YouTubers. Or as an incubator for some of this generation’s (and generations prior’s) greatest minds. No matter the exact reason why you were drawn to Manhattan, you were likely charmed by its big-city allure. And we don’t blame you! Nothing beats being surrounded by people from all walks of life that share the same dream as you, grabbing a slice of pizza at any conceivable hour, or looking up at towering buildings that stretch toward the sky optimistically. But every once in a while, you might find yourself yearning for a sense of small-town community. 

Fortunately, Common at The Reserve can be just what the doctor ordered. Common’s luxury amenities and our community-focused approach to apartment living turn screening rooms and outdoor terraces into places to break bread and forge friendships. The fitness studio becomes a place to challenge yourself alongside roommates and neighbors, and the podcast studio is now a place to glean insights from members with different worldviews than you. The Big Apple will always be right outside. But in the meantime, your newfound community is just steps from your front door. 

Common at The Reserve is now open, and our units are move-in ready –– with private, fully furnished bedrooms starting at $1,934/month. Discover luxury living at its best and schedule a tour today

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